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Simon had tried to defuse the situation, by saying that there was no way they could be happy after what had happened to them so far, and there wasn't much they can do. Soon, candy bars were being handed out. As they flew about, Hermione had asked about whether she can have one.

But, something had appeared in Hermione's eyes for a brief second. Carol didn't know what. All she knew was that she was smiling. What for, Carol didn't know. However, it unnerved her. That wasn't a smile of happiness. It just looked... wrong.

After a while, Carol noticed that she was touching her collar, as if she had realized it was there. The odd look remained on her face. That's when Carol realized she had remembered what had happened, and was currently deep in thought.

A few seconds passed, and then she spoke.


Hermione's hands reached to grab the collar... oh god. She was going to do it. Someone had to stop her.

"Hermione no-!" Carol screamed.

But it was too late. The next few moments were a blur to her. Someone rushing in front of her, Simon shouting, the loud blasting noise only a few feet away, an object landing just in front of her...

Oh god, she did it. She actually did it.

Hermione Miller had just died in front of them, and they could've done nothing to stop her. Could they? They had no warning, and it was too quick. But still, she blew up only a few feet away from them. They could have helped her, they could have done something for her...

Carol had fallen on her rear as the explosion happened, and it seemed to only hurt Hermione. So, she was safe and uninjured. But, something was touching her shoe. A look towards her feet, and she saw what it was. She couldn't believe it, but there it was. Despite better judgement, she crawled right over to the object, and with shaking hands, hesitantly lifted the object up.

The explosion had crudely decapitated Hermione, throwing her head right in Carol and Rein's direction. What she was holding was what was left of her skull, still smiling even after death. Carol dropped the thing with a loud scream. Oh god, why did she have to pick it up? It just made things worse. She put her hands to her head, trembling and once again on the verge of tears. Someone just died in front of them! And there was nothing they could do...

They had to get out of here. She looked around very quickly. Rein and Simon were talking to... someone who had been here? It looked to be one of Rein's friends, at the very least. Simon seemed suspicious of him, of course, judging by the gun pointing at the other guy. Simon seemed ill, but Rein seemed relieved at finding his friend. But...

"Guys! I really think that it's a good idea to uh... leave..." she started, looking off into the distance. "I really don't think I could..."

She wasn't able to finish that sentence. The past few minutes had stayed with her, and she didn't want to stay with what was once Hermione any longer. Carol turned around, and after grabbing her things, ran as fast as she could. She hoped that the others would follow.

Anything to get away from Hermione.

((Carol Burke continued elsewhere))

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