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Alex looked at the two of them, as almost immediately after he spoke they realized who he was and were then on the train of thought of getting away from him as soon as possible. It wasn't really the reaction he wanted, but he expected worse. At least they didn't try and hurt him. That wouldn't have ended well. Alex could only help but feel a sense of disappointment with the fact that he was now seen as somewhat of a monster.

I killed two people... that kind of makes me a monster. I didn't enjoy it, but they don't know that.

Did he enjoy it? After the first one, Alex did note a certain sense of relief. But he only really meant to hurt Eric badly, not to kill him. It just happened to be that Eric landed on something pointy, and... well, the rest is history. But killing Robert Lerger... that was....

A mistake.

As the one girl turned to start to run away, Alex spoke up. Rushed, but not in a harsh way.

"Wait... I didn't mean... I'm not going to hurt you! I know I've done some bad shit, just let me explain!"

But she was already gone. No amount of pleading could convince her that Alex was anything short of the worst person she'd would ever lay eyes upon. Hands at his sides, he was a little bit hopeless. A few rays of sunlight beamed into the corner of his eye. It was pretty bright at... dawn? Sunset? Where the hell was he anymore?

Alex hadn't had more than ten minutes of rest in the past... three days. It was starting to wear on him, and he could imagine the dark circles under his eyes did nothing to make him look anything short of menacing. The chainsaw was mostly clean, but it still wasn't really a good indication of his intentions. The blood was literally off his hands... metaphorically anyone he'd run into now, from what he could see, was going to run away or try to kill him.

Beyond that... fuck, TWO? Alex could maybe see not really meaning to kill one person, but two? How the fuck does that happen?

He looked at the boy in front of him with helpless glance.

I'm not a bad person... I just want to survive.
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