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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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Phil murmured softly back to Jen. "uh... nah. No problems. It's kinda nice actually."

He didn't really know what to say. His mood had become sullen during the second group of announcements. Having missed the first he was surprised to her Jen tell him that one of the Kronwell's had been mentioned in Danya's early morning speech. Unfortunately she couldn't recall which one, or whether they had killed or been killed. This shock to his system; that one of the invincible twins had either fallen victim to another student or had turned in to a killer; combined with the fact this this was now the longest time Phil had ever spent with a girl alone made him withdrawn and cautious.

He knew he should be trying somewhat to keep himself at least a little upbeat but after the things he had witnessed so far it that mood was unattainable. Instead during the trek Phil had mostly kept to himself, answering Jen's questions best he could and trying to keep conversation, but failing miserably the majority of the time.

The reality of the game hadn't fully sunk in quite yet either. Phil had yet to have seen a dead body or anyone actually kill another, although he had come close multiple times now. Still, this disconnect allowed him to retain a semblance of determination that the whole thing was unreal. He could, to an extent distance himself from the reality of his situation and instead focus more on the feeling of anxious enjoyment of being around a girl who he had tasked himself to look out for. Ever step they took Phil had become more and more determined to ensure the safety of Jennifer as best he could and although he knew she was on the look out for Maf Phil was intent on playing the role of the white knight for as long as possible.

Phil took a gulp of his water as well. There wasn't much left in his bottle either and more than once he had felt the first stirrings of lack of fluids: the lack of need to piss, the cracking of dry lips and the dryness in his breath. He didn't say anything though. Nor did he mention his wounds and when Jen inquired he simply said that they were healing. He had to retain the facade of the strong and staunch defender and not just for Jennifer's sake either. Still after having seen almost no one he had slumped next to Jen, weary and spoken up.

"So, um we've been walking for some time now - where are we going?"

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