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"Hey, Madelyn. It's your turn." Charlene said as she shook Madelyn awake. Madelyn groggily accepted the device before Charlene plopped back down onto her personal bag to claim what little sleep that could still be gathered. Madelyn was still tired, but begrudgingly made her way out into the night air with GPS and spear in hand.

Most of the night was uneventful. No more than 3 dots ever flashed in their little area of the island. Movement seemed to be scarce for the most part throughout the early hours of the morning. What little activity there was on the GPS stemmed from a few dots that traveled slowly across the screen; people traveling under the safety of darkness. Madelyn passed the time making up stories for the little dots she didn't know and checking up on Hayley and Kyle's dots from time to time. The fact that they were still showing up on the screen was comforting to Madelyn, although she couldn't help but wonder who the third dot that had joined up with them was. Hopefully they would all find out later today. Hopefully it was a friend.

It wasn't long before the first rays of light pierced the night sky. Dawn was approaching. The light of the sun was gently beginning to peek out over the horizon. It was just enough light that she could see without needing her flashlight or the GPS anymore. An idea flashed in her mind: Get a message out while you have the chance. There were no signs of anyone else in the area on the GPS. Now might be the only chance she'd get to leave one final message to the outside world.

With any luck, she would be the only person doing anything of interest right now. The odds that most people in the early morning would be sleeping (like her compatriots, for example) were in her favor in her mind. She found the nearest camera nestled above one of the rigged game stalls of the fair and waved, trying to catch it's and whoever was behind the scenes watching's attention. Hopefully, her message would find it's way home.

"<My name is Madelyn Prowers, and this is a message for Sayumi Shimizu.> She said, straining to remember the bits and pieces of Japanese Sayumi had taught her over the years. It was a broken mix of formal Japanese and English, but it would be enough to get her intentions across. However, the simple act of looking into the camera and addressing her lover made her feel as if she had established a connection with her right then and there, like they were just talking on Skype like any normal morning or evening. It made what Madelyn intended to do next feel that much more difficult.

"If you know her," she continued in English, unsure of how to phrase her request. "please relay this message to her and nothing more. I ask that both for her sake and my own. I could not bear the thought of her watching me on this show. <Please Sayumi, if you are watching, please don't watch anymore after this.>"

"<Sayumi, you know you are my closest friend.>" Madelyn started, desperately wishing that she could just come out and declare her love in the open here and now, but knowing full well that it would do more harm than good. She knew Sayumi hadn't told her parents about her beyond them just 'being good friends.' They didn't know about their love, about how much joy they brought into each others lives. Sayumi was too scared to tell her father. She knew he would not approve. So they planned to keep it a secret from him until she was out of the house and in college. It wasn't the perfect plan, but it was all they had. If they knew about their real relationship, Mr. Shimizu would have never allowed Madelyn to stay in their home with his daughter during her planned trip to Japan in the summer... a trip that now would never take place.

"You know how much you mean to me. You know how much I care for you. Please, don't watch the rest of this show. I... I don't want you to have to watch me..." She paused as a twinge of pain shot into her chest. She knew that her death was an inevitability, but couldn't bring herself to admit it. The part of her that still clinged to the chance at rescue or survival wouldn't let her admit defeat just yet.

"<We will try to escape.> I don't know how we will, but we'll try." She tried to reassure both herself and Sayumi as she imagined she was watching before switching back to Japanese to hopefully sneak a quick glimpse of the truth out into the world. "<We've been captured. This show is real.>" Hopefully someone out there would hear those words. With any luck, it would get past the censor by virtue of them thinking it was just part of the goodbye message. Madelyn hoped it would plant the seeds of doubt in some of the international viewers minds. Maybe it would be enough to get someone, anyone, to rescue them.

"I don't even know if you'll even get this message, but I've got to try. Please Sayumi, if I don't make it back..."

"Do you kids know what makes Uncle Danya happy?"

The ominously laid back voice of Danya echoed throughout the island, interrupting Madelyn's message just as she was about to ask Sayumi to do the hardest thing she could possibly bring herself to ask: To forget about her and just move on with her life as if she had never existed. Madelyn felt selfish for even thinking of asking Sayumi to do that, but part of her felt that her request was a noble sacrifice to ensure that Sayumi could possibly live a normal life without having to be scarred for life after watching her lover die on live TV. In her mind, the thought of Sayumi moving on with her life with no regrets was the happiest possible future she could think of.

Madelyn stared dejectedly at the camera for a few more seconds as Danya rattled off his morning announcement before growling and walking off in a fit of frustration. Danya's timely interruption for the daily death tolls could not be ignored. If anything, the cameras would now be looking elsewhere as hundreds of students now rose to meet the new morning and learn of their friends demises. Her connection to Sayumi had been cut once again, the latest casualty in her life on the island.

However, there was no time to dwell on her possible failure now. People were going to start becoming much more active soon, and the relative calm of the early morning would soon be broken once again by murder and mayhem. Madelyn knew she would need to have her wits about her now. She quickly went back to the coconut stall to check up on her allies.

"Hey, you guys up?" She asked as she poked her head into the back of the stall as Danya's announcement continued in the background.

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