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"Why do you think I tossed it your way?!" Simon growled, over a mouthful of chocolate. He immediately regretted saying it; it wasn't her fault that she hadn't grasped the full, horrific reality of this island. Hell, Simon's little entourage (and where had Kari gone? Where had he lost her?) hadn't come face to face with true horror yet, they were merely waiting for the inevitable hammerstroke.

He lowered his chocolate. "Look," he said.

And then she did it.

She reached for her collar, fingered it for a moment. A peculiar expression gripped her face, and she looked between the three of them in turn, smiling oddly. Simon watched her warily; what was she thinking? Had she realized how intense the game was? Had she realized how endangered all of them were, at this moment?

"Goodbye," she said.



What the-?

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Simon yelled, jerking backwards, unable to tear his eyes from the bloody crater that had, a few seconds ago, been Hermione's neck. There was a loud thud a ways away; it took Simon a moment to realize that was the sound of her head, blown clean off, hitting the ground somewhere far away.

"I...god," he started, bile rising in his throat. "Oh god, I..."


He staggered out of their little lean-to and prepared to vomit, but before he could quite manage it he heard a voice, calling Rein's name. His nerves already firing, Simon whirled about and drew his gun. He threw up a little as he rose, sending a trickle of bile coursing from the corner of his mouth before he'd quite had time to swallow it.

"D-don't move!" he barked.
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