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Kevin awoke from his booze and exhaustion-induced slumber. His glasses lay on his chest, and the ground felt rough, maybe even a bit sandy. When he opened his eyes, the rising sun brought upon him Kevin's new least favorite thing, second only to being a "player" in the "game" of "Survival of the Fittest" (overuse of quotations being the third): a hangover. Oh yes, the tremendous headache accompanied by a sensitivity to light and sound. Notwithstanding the feeling of bile and phlegm occupying one's mouth and throat. As soon as the orange glow of the sun appeared to him, Kevin brought his right hand to his eyes while his left hand searched for his tinted, John Lennon-esque glasses. They were soon resting comfortably once more on his face, and Kevin leaned back onto the sandy ground.

Once again, he tried to open his eyes. Slowly this time. The scene then revealed itself - an open beach with some recently dug sand a few feet away, and another boy lying a short distance away from him. It was strikingly more beautiful than what Kevin remembered of the night before - despair, a girl being shot and killed, and a long drunken wandering through a forest. Probably some fucked up dream, Kevin probably got lost at some house party and -

He felt his neck. The collar was still affixed to his neck, primed to explode at the slightest deviation from the intentions of the almost demonic creators of SOTF. Kevin sighed.

"Well, fuck. I'm still in SOTF, I'm hung over, and I don't know who the hell you are or if you're even still alive...

The phrase "fuck my life" comes to my mind, but I guess that's already been done. Thanks, Mister Danya."

Kevin turned his head towards the other boy, who he now saw was clearly still alive. Lethargic and in no mood to be moving around, he simply rolled slightly to the side to look at him as he spoke.

"Sorry, I think out loud. I'm Kevin. I just got drunk and witnessed a murder. You?"
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