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[Tiny bit of god-modding here. Hope the two of you don't mind, and if you have any objections I'll edit it at once.]

And Mirabelle Nesa heard her coming.

Jackie was still by her side, as was Mizore Soryu. She considered this; Jackie had a gun, she remembered, she could fend for herself regardless of what was coming. The only weapons Soryu had were little more than tacks, and there was danger heading there way--nothing else could have caused Machete and...whatever the other guy's name was to run. Did their pursuer have a gun? If so, Belle needed to be somewhere with a bit more cover, somewhere she could strike without...

She turned her head. Soryu was staring the way Machete had come, wide-eyed, clearly panicked. Belle was willing to take a risk, and Jackie and K-whatever his name was cold defend themselves. No reason for Soryu to get caught up in this.

Two quick steps. Hands on Soryu's shoulders. One quick peek to make sure this wouldn't kill her. "Don't be afraid," Belle said, without thinking. "You'll be fine."


Down she went, skidding (just as Belle had hoped) on her ass. Belle grinned and turned around, picking up Soryu's pack and rolling it after her, and then turned, lifted her arms. Here was the killer, a crazed girl with a weapon in hand, Belle lifted up her hands and-

She ran past them. She ran past them without even looking at them. And perhaps because none of them had been expecting this, they all stayed standing where they were for a good few seconds. By the time Belle had enough presence of mind to turn around, she could heard only the trickle and clatter of falling pebbles as the girl who'd run by took a dangerous route down the mountain at high speeds.

Belle, to her own amusement and disgust, felt disappointed. She'd wanted another fight.

"Well," she managed, blinking. "I...well." She looked at her hands, than towards Jackie. "This one doesn't want to do anything with us" she jerked her head towards the football player. "And I suppose it would be wrong of me to judge you just for being around Garrett." She hesitated. "We should go after her."

The invitation was implicit. Did Jackie want to travel with her?
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