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As Peter shown his more impulsive side after the accident, Max tried to calm him down, although since he was far away from being calm himself, his explanation hardly worked.

"MAX, FUCK! How many times have I told you to put it the fuck away?!?"

"Hey, I was trying to do just that. I just wanted to pull that safety switch on. Were you even listening to me? Okay, I screwed up, I understand, and I'm sorry, but our lives weren't in danger. I pointed that thing to the ground, chill out."

Max could hardly blame Peter for that outburst. Even though it was an accident, Max was perfectly aware that it could be easily avoided, if he would be smart enough to keep his finger away from the trigger. As a person, who usually just goes with the flow, and doesn't mind the past mistakes as long as he'll learn to avoid them in the future, Max wanted to finish talking about the gun already, and move along. He was already stressed enough, to the point, he noticed his hands were shaking a bit. He needed to listen to some music right now, and not excuse to Peter for the billionth time, so he was glad to hear and execute any order to repent for his 'sin'.

"Give me the god damn gun."

Except from that one.


Max noticed Peter saying something after the order, but since Max brutally interrupted him he didn't know what exactly. But did that matter? He wanted him to GIVE AWAY his only form of defense on this island? Why would he want that? After all, Max wasn't stupid enough to make the same mistake twice. He wouldn't even touch that trigger on his Auto Mag ever again, unless it was completely necessary. So why? There was no reason to do so, unless...

Silence. Complete silence which started to scare him. He just made a huge noise. He should have heard the rustling sound of animals running away or whatever. But there was none of that. Max looked nervously around. Movement near the caves. Kaitlin? Or maybe someone else. Or maybe even Kaitlin, but not the one he expected. After all, he barely knew her. Guy with the rifle and the girl back in the distance were gone now. Or were they? They probably just sat behind the cover, waiting for the moment he would be defenseless. Waiting for the signal. The signal being...

Max looked at his shaky hands, then again at Peter, his angry face, and his open palm demanding the gun. HIS gun.

That's it. That's exactly what he wanted. Max's gun. He just waited for the perfect occasion. Maybe even HE was the one to jam the locking mechanism in his handgun, you never know.

"So... That's your plan, huh?" Max looked at Peter with eyes full of fear. Open field, lots of hiding spots. And silence. The god damn silence. A perfect setting for a trap.

"You think, you got me huh? You think you can play me like a guitar, MANIPULATE me into giving away my only protection, and then DISPOSE OF ME like a waste, huh?" Max pointed his handgun at Peter with his trembling hands. His whisper filled the air once again. "I saw right through you. You won't fool me."

Max's index finer started to look for the trigger, when he realized something. Someone in the cave. Two people 'Missing'. Of course. He was outnumbered. The moment he would pull the trigger, the others would change him into a swiss cheese.

No, he couldn't do that. Not now. But if he won't, they'll kill him anyway. Silence. the god damn silence.

Instantly, Max lowered his hand, turned himself toward the forest line and made a mad dash in it's direction. He wasn't sure, but that was probably the fastest sprint in his entire life. Even when he reached the forest, he still didn't slow down, only dodged an occasional tree before him. He wanted to be as far away from the trap as possible. He was not going to die. Not on that day. Not anytime soon.

And silence. The god damn silence was finally gone, as his feet touched the ground second after second.

((Max Crowe continued in The Mercenary))
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