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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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"Stay back!"

Odd way to start off, since he was the one approaching in the first place. Approaching with a gun.

"I-I-I-I'll shoot! I-"

With a gun. Shit. "Stop thinking about it and do something about it!"

But he had a gun. Kyle only had a knife. She had nothing at all. Hayley was nowhere to be seen.

Divide and conquer, genius. If he actually meant to, that is.

"T-This isn't what it looks like... I swear, I swear..."

Apparently not. From horrified to terrified and now to hopeful, Ema's face gave away what she was thinking. Maybe James wasn't going to shoot them, maybe he was just scared and jumpy, and he didn't want to be surprise-attacked by them. Or maybe he was playing them all for fools - he'd lessened their numerical advantage already, and had the upper hand in terms of range and firepower. Shit. What do.

"Hey! Drop it! Drop the knife! I-I'm not joking! Don't just stand there! Drop the knife!"

More points in the "playing us" column, then, Ema's expression returned to one of fear. Having scared them suitably by aiming at the unarmed one, he'd shifted his attention to Kyle, and wanted to weaken them even more by having him drop his knife first. Cunning bastard. Ema's body didn't know what to do, it refused to move, as if rooted to the spot. Her mouth wouldn't open to speak her mind. She was literally petrified.

"Your whore girlfriend's gone and cut someone's head off! That bitch, s-she - You're - NO ONE'S not going to get me so easily! J-Just-"

Well that probably wasn't a good idea. Scared as Ema was, Kyle was certainly still mobile and still armed. He would not be best pleased to hear James talk about Hayley like that, either. If Hayley were around, she probably wouldn't either.


Very pissed off, then. Movement returned to Ema's body enough for her to straighten up, and get a clearer look at both their attacker and her remaining companion. And Hayley, just a few metres behind them, looking... oddly pleased with herself.

"You're - NO ONE'S not going to get me so easily! J-Just-"

When the angry couple descended on James, Ema honestly couldn't decide just what his motivation had been, whether he'd really been trying to screw with their heads to ensure an easy kill, or if he'd just been scared and armed. It didn't much matter any more, with one blade sinking into his neck and another into his torso. It wasn't a pretty sight. It really wasn't.

But Ema stood transfixed, unable to pull her eyes from the gruesome spectacle before her.

What surprised her most, for the split second that it was happening, was how easily it happened. How little resistance a human body mustered in response to a blade.

It was not a pretty sight. In the seconds before doubling over and losing the bread she'd just minutes ago eaten, Ema managed a weak "What is it with you and heads?"
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