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"He's an asshole," Belle replied, shrugging. "He decided I wasn't worth anything, that I was..." She trailed off, her sneer deepening. "That I was weak. I hit him. He hit me back." She shrugged. "I was looking for a little closure."

Jackie knew a lot about closure-- almost enough that she actually sympathized with Belle for a moment. Memories of the junior and senior Drama Club members getting lead roles despite their lack of talent was something that she wished to forget. None of all of that caused her to punch someone out, but then again, Drama Club is a bit different from martial arts.

She eyed Jackie for a moment. "And how about you? You showed up with him, after all."

Jackie raised an eyebrow. "I followed him because he seemed like a logical person, and he looked like he could handle himself when if it came down to fighting. Turns out I was wrong about the whole logic part, huh?" She wasn't about to call Belle's destined opponent weak; that would undermine her entire victory. Not to mention that the girl looked like she was about to pounce on the first acceptable target to cross her path. Jackie wanted not part of it, and decided to take a step or three back.

That was when a couple people ran past the pair, and for whatever reason, Belle went into some sort of stance or another.
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