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Marion sighed and put the first aid kit back since apparently no one was going to take her up on the offer. She stepped back from the group. There seemed to be no point hanging around her when no one was answering any of her questions. There was a lot more ground to cover and stories to collect. She glanced over the group and shrugged she didn’t know any of them really well. They all seemed to be involved in their own little subgroups.

“Well then time to move on,” Marion told herself. Decision made, she gathered her things, making sure that her pencil and notepad were handy and started off. She paused after a half dozen steps, to double check the map, making sure she wasn’t heading into a danger zone. Satisfied with her direction, she tucked the map away, pulled out some crackers and munched on them as she walked.

((Marion Summers continued in Caged in Like Animals))
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