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((Memory GMing approved by Arscapi))

Charlene had picked up what she saw as the worst watch: the middle watch. With either first or third she got to sleep for six continuous hours. Here, she was stuck wit a gap that would leave her exhausted as hell. That was what she was thinking as Alex shook her awake.

"Your turn." In his left hand was the GPS. She took it from him, and watched as he fell asleep in a matter of seconds. This is going to be a long[/i] three hours.[/i] She looked at the GPS. Just three dots, close together. If what Alex said was true, those dots signalled the three of them. Charlene put the GPS in her lap and fished through her regulation bag for some food, pulling out a box of crackers and … a pamphlet.

BROWNING: THE BEST THERE IS She may not have known much (mostly because of her study habits), but it was clear that she had finally happened upon the owner's manual for the gun. Given that she didn't really have anything else to do, she opened the manual and started reading, using the GPS as a light ...

After about an hour, she was bored stiff. She couldn't really read through it anymore, given that all she really needed to know was the safety, the release button, loading, and firing the gun. She threw the manual back into her bag, finished off her second cracker, and zipped up her regulation bag as she went through her personal bag.

Towel, swimsuit, sunglasses, nothing much, except for one envelope … she opened it up to find various photographs. The first one was her prom picture … damn, she and Aaron Hicks had been quite the couple - at least Aaron was somewhat enjoying himself now, instead of being stuck in this hell hole. She flipped to the next photo, of herself and Aaron with Thea Kairos and James Mulzet, all of them smiling. James and Thea had been going out for quite a bit - she didn't really know everything, but they were pretty close - not as close as Thea was with Charlene, of course. The two of them had been best friends since second grade, and Thea was the only person Charlene could trust with her secret ...

"Hey, Thea." Charlene sat down at the lunch table, a salad and some water on her tray.

"Hey." Thea had just gotten out of US History, so she was in an okay mood. "You still off-kilter?"

"Yeah. Remember that party I went to a couple months ago? The one where I got drunk?"

"That's a bit vague. You get drunk at a lot of the parties."

"Basketball party." Charlene took a sip of water.

"That one. Yeah, the one where you were hung over and were like a zombie for two days. You never did tell me what happened."

"I got seriously drunk. So drunk that I slept with another girl."


"Yeah. And I liked it."

"So, you had sex with another girl. Weren't you kicking yourself after you sobered up?"

"No. That's the thing. I keep on going back to her, and that night, and it keeps turning me on." Charlene was whispering now.

"Who did you have sex with that keeps turning you on, then?"

"… Rosa Fiametta." Charlene paused before admitting who she had sex with.

"Whoa. You had sex with Rosa Fiametta? You do realize she's had sex with half the school, right?"

"I do. But, still, I keep thinking out that night, and Rosa, and I think that I still like it because … because I've realized that I'm bisexual." Charlene finally spat out the crux of the argument.

"That's it? I thought you had cancer or something. I'v got no problem with that. Okay, maybe with
who you fucked, but not that you're bisexual."

Charlene breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good, but you must promise me. NEVER tell anyone about this.
Ever. If word gets out, it's over for me."

Thea thought about it for a second. "I don't see the problem with it, but okay. I never heard any of this."

"Thanks, Thea."

Those were the days. Her reputation, as opposed to her life, was on the line, but no big deal, her best friend had her back. As her three hours ended, Charlene could only hope that wherever Thea was, she was (relatively) safe. Charlene just got up, put her stuff back, and shook Madelyn gently, offering her the GPS.

"Hey, Madelyn. It's your turn." Charlene then lay her head down onto her personal bag and fell asleep.
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