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((Skipping Waffle to move the thread into Day 3 because uh...it's needed and stuff.))

Andrew wasn't keeping track of just how much time it had taken for him to finish digging the kid's grave, but the sun was just beginning to peek over the horizon when he placed the last bit of sand and stamped it down. Breathing a heavy and tired sigh of relief, he tried to get onto his feet only to collapse as they cramped up and dumped him back onto the sand. He began feeling those unpleasant tingles that came from asleep legs and feet and began massaging his tired limbs. 'I don't to do that again...that was at least twelve hours of hard work, but at least whoever that guy is has a nice grave. Probably better than everyone else who will die on this island.'

'God, I am so tired...I wonder if I should get some quick shut-eye. Hahah, who even says shut-eye anymore? Maybe Southerners do it, I dunno. Ah, I've always wanted to visit Atlanta someday. I wonder if I'll ever get the chance.' Andrew shook his head and crawled over to his bags and pulled out his medication, popping in one of his few remaining pills and swallowing. The last thing he needed was to let his mind begin to wander again. Still, he really was tired and frankly, he was tired enough to not care whether or not someone murdered him in his sleep. At least then there would be no pain and fear...unless the killer was demented and tortured him first. He winced and shivered. 'Okay, nevermind, better find a safe place that isn't a wide open beach first.'

Keeping silent, he just lay down on the beach and rested his head against his bag, staring up at the sky as the sun's rays began to wash over it. 'Well...at least I can watch stuff like this live. It's certainly beautiful.'
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