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The girl sat down and introduced herself as Helen. Good, for once he got someone's name right. He was kinda proud of himself for that. Couldn't remember where he knew her from, though. Drawing a complete blank on that one.

Apparently she'd also been stuck with a bunch of crazies, and lost her friends running away from them. Dave had a feeling he'd be hearing that story a lot. It was okay though, they'd be good company, so long as she didn't mind Izzy or Charlie.

Then thr gir- Helen made some dramatic statement about the loss of her precious iPod. Great, she was probably going to follow them around singing pop-rock or something. Dave supposed that was marginally better than Pandora and her emo poetry. Marginally. Charlie suggested Izzy play something on her trumpet, and Dave had to agree. It could be a laugh, given how, if Dave was honest, awful she was with it.

"Yeah!" Dave smiled and looked over at Izzy. She was going to hate them for this, but the opportunity was just too good to pass up. "She's actually amazing at it."

Charlie offered to sing. That was good, that meant he wouldn't have to come up with another rap. The last one he'd thought up? That was pure genius. He'd have to wait at least a day or two before he could come up with something that good again. Plus for some reason, Dave actually kinda wanted to hear Charlie sing. He laughed, before attempting to collect himself as he said his idea.

"Sure! You too then," He nodded again. "Go for it, Charlie. You and Izzy, lay down some beats up in this bitch."
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