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(GMing approved by faceinabook. Also, apologies for dragging this thing on so long. My part in this ends with this post.)

There was no way he could back down now. No way he could simply walk away. He had struck first, and now Dom was coming after him.

"I said get away from me!" He took a swing at Dom's midsection, and another, and another. Alex threw punch after punch, not wiling to stop for anything. He made another heavy swing to Dom's head, bringing the boy down. And once he was down he began to kick him with everything he had.

Rage, frustration, anger, and confusion were all channeled into each hit. Alex beat Dom as hard as he could possibly muster, but didn't kill him.

No, instead he'd leave him to die.

"Survival of the fittest. That's the name of the game and the law of the world. And so I will survive, and you will not. Bye, thanks for helping me realize that." Alex left him, tuning out anything the boy may have said. He didn't want to hear it. He wasn't going to hear it. Survival was all that mattered to him now. And no one nor anything would stop him from surviving. He popped a caffeine pill. He couldn't afford to be tired, not now.

(Alexander Seymour continued in Still Going Strong)
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