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Gloria looked up sharply, gasping a bit--she hadn't heard anyone approaching. A very bad thing to do in this game, in this place--that'd get her killed faster than anything, wouldn't it? Nervously, she tightened her grip on her gun, hand trembling a bit, but she didn't lift it or aim at the other person. Maybe they, like her, were just scared and hoping to see a friendly face...Gloria knew that she would hate to go to a group, begging for help or companionship, only to be shot dead.

Or chainsawed.

Or blown up. Or--well...killed.

The other person was talking now, drawing Gloria out of her musing.

"...hurt or something? I think I have a medkit or something, but apparently they don't heal you instantly here, despite this all seeming like a video game, am I right?" A pause, and then before Gloria could even register what he'd said--"Joke. Totally a joke. Uh, I'm Micheal, if you're not crazy. If you are, I'm...someone else."

Okay...that made her smile a little. The tiniest of shy smiles appeared on Gloria's face, and she shook her head, sobs quieting ever so slightly as she hiccuped. Wiping her face on her sleeve, she shook her head. "D-Don't...don't th-think I'm c-c-crazy...n-not yet," she admitted. The girl was thinking that after a few more days here, in this situation, she might, though. "N-Not hurt...s-s-cared, 's'all..." she stuttered. The grip on her gun loosened somewhat. Michael didn't seem to be a threat...he seemed nice.

Wow. Gloria was trusting him right off-bat...I must be going crazy already...but it wouldn't hurt to have friends. "M-My...my n-name's Glori--"

"You two alright?"

She jumped again, and once more her grip tightened--she forced herself to calm down, she didn't need to be this jumpy. Some will wanna kill me...others are friends. Gotta tell the difference. Can't go insane on my friends, that's not nice... Gloria nodded, still wiping at her face, staring at the branch in the newcomer's hand. Was that his weapon? That'd hurt if he swung it at her head... "'m...'m f-f-ine..." she stuttered. "N-No...I-I'm just...j-just 'not h-hurt...'" she amended.

This was definitely not fine.
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