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Run, run, before you're well done, girly.

Hayley ran.

The woods weren’t thick here, right by the beach. The trees were spaced out enough that running wasn’t an issue, particularly considering Hayley’s current state of fucking adrenaline-rushed-as-shit. If that’s even a phrase, which it’s not. It occurred to her eventually that she was running after a sound that had long since past, a loud sound that could have easily echoed and fucked up her perception of where it had actually come from. Of course, by the time she realized this she’d already gotten pretty damn far into the woods.

Fuckkk, I have no idea where I’m going, do I? Running on stale bread and fumes and adrenaline...I need an energy drink or some vodka or some shit. Gah.

She realized suddenly that she still had some vodka in a flask back in her bag. Suddenly she felt much better.

She stopped running and tried to stop her mind from running its...mouth? Brains don’t have mouths though. WHY AM I THINKING ABOUT THIS?, which obviously was an exceptionally difficult task for one Hayley Kelly. After a few moments she managed to open her mind enough to hear, really hear, the world around her.

It was quiet. TOO QUIET. God I’ve always wanted to say that. SHUT UP, BRAIN.

Birds chirping, oblivious to the game they’d found themselves living around. The wind blowing through the leaves. Footsteps.


Footsteps. Coming from back the way she’d came.

“Fuuuuuuuuucker...” she couldn’t help but mutter to herself. The louder and more colorful curses occurred, thankfully, in her head. She headed back in that direction, slower this time in an effort not to be so loud, though the adrenaline pumping through her legs screamed faster, faster, you idiot, you’re running out of time...

She was, in fact, running out of time, though she couldn’t yet know that.

"Stay back! I-I-I-I'll shoot! I-"

Hayley paused, confused. The voice was a definite, but she couldn’t see anyone yet, and the voice didn’t seem to be pointed in her direction. Obviously this was the gun-wielder she’d heard earlier (unless there was a second person with a gun lurking around, not something she wanted to think about) but who was he talking t-

Kyle. Ema.

Danger, Will Robinson.

She panicked for a fraction of a second only before realizing that this was her goddamn chance. They needed her, needed her to save them from crazy-guy-with-a-gun, needed her help, and she felt good about that. This was something she could do, something she wouldn’t regret, something anyone would understand! She was gonna be a motherfucking hero right now, pull off some white knight shit, come riding in on...uh...her feet with fucking Excalibur and save her princess and...uh...my prince? WHATEVER, let’s go, Hayley, really awesome things don’t happen themselves.

She moved towards the voice. Slowly. Quietly. If he really did have a gun and he heard a branch snap or some shit behind him he’d swerve and BANG and no more head for Hayley. She did want to run but oh fucking well, self preservation is pretty cool.

"T-This isn't what it looks like...I swear, I swear..."

The fuck is he talking about. This isn’t what if fucking looks like? Pointing a gun at someone is generally what it looks like, honeybee.

Hayley was quite annoyed that whoever this boy was seemed to be trying to ruin her soon-to-be-created hero cred by playing the victim. He was ruining her buzz.

Wait. Buzz? Hero or not I should NOT be getting this hype about, like, killing people.

Fuck, what is this game doing to my brain?

No time to think about this now. Not unless you like watching your friends die.

She gritted her teeth, not sure what to be annoyed at- her ever-irritating inner game voice for making her feel like a bad person all the damn time, or her moral center (such as it was) making her feel like...well...a bad person all the damn time. Either she was going to feel guilty about this, or she wasn’t. Either she was a bad person, or she wasn’t. Hayley was never a fan of dichotomies and this was in no way an exception. At any rate, she kept moving. Hero or not, bad person or not, she wasn’t about to let anyone get shot.

She saw him. His back, at any rate. Close, pretty close, anyway, clearly holding- she would have whistled if she wasn’t trying to be sneaky, it was a pretty, pretty gun and she wanted to have it shut up Hayley that’s not the point you’re not killing him for the fucking gun are you sure yes I’m fucking sure and he was definitely pointing it at someone. He could see the beach beyond him and- yes, he couldn’t see their faces but it was unmistakeably Ema and Kyle. She moved closer. Slowly. Her hand tightened around the hilt of her by-now-beloved weapon.

"Hey! Drop it! Drop the knife! I-I'm not joking! Don't just stand there! Drop the knife! Your whore girlfriend's gone and cut someone's head off! That bitch, s-she-”

Oh, no. Nooooo. This cocksucking MOTHERFUCKER.

Hayley was used to being called a whore. Used to being called a bitch. In normal circumstances, she’d laugh, say something suitably bitchy and cutting in response. These were what you would call ‘abnormal circumstances’ and Hayley Kelly was gonna have to cut a bitch.


She dashed, her feet lifting off the ground, making up the distance between herself and the boy in front of her too quickly for him to react. The feeling was disturbingly familiar. An exact repeat of last time. But no matter, last time she was panicked and scared and being stupid. This time she felt no guilt, not because she was saving her friends, but because she was damn straight pissed off.

"You're - NO ONE'S not going to get me so easily! J-Just-"

She was practically smirking when her sword bit hard into the boy’s neck.

So much for heroism.
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