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'Why... why didn't she help me?' Miranda weakly wondered, glancing at Lily as tears streamed from her eyes. She was supposed to have a gun, why hadn't she pulled it out and shot Sarah between the eyes? It just didn't make any sense at all. Had they worked together in killing her?

The force that the blood pumped out of the severed artery with was starting to die down already. Miranda was shaking and quickly losing the feeling in her feet, and with the blood loss everything was beginning to feel-


"Cold!" a five-year old Miranda yelped out, jumping out from the shallow water at the shore of Lake Michigan on a warm summer's day, her first time swimming in the lake. "Mommy, it's c-cold!"

"Of course it's cold, Miranda. It's the lake," Claire Merchant called out from knee-deep in the water. "You'll get used to it after a while. You coming back in or do you want to go sit with your dad?"

"Yeah, okay, I'll come back in," Miranda replied, but she didn't sound too convinced about getting used to the water. It wasn't anything like the swimming pool where her mother worked at; there were no ladders, nothing to hold on to and the water wasn't heated. She walked into the tide, paddling towards her mother and shivered slightly from the cold.


Sarah's back was turned towards her, talking to Lily and producing a large blade from her bag. Miranda couldn't tell what was being said, but she didn't really care either. It was just a jumble of nonsensical syllables to her.

The scalpel sat at the edge of her field of vision. Ironically, it was now the only thing keeping her alive. It was acting like a broken dam, slowly leaking contents out from behind it. Remove it and the flow of blood pouring out of her would increase. Had Sarah taken the scalpel out instead of leaving it behind, Miranda surmised she'd already have died by now.

'I'm going to die anyway... so why not speed it up a bit, get it over and done with already?' she thought. Miranda reached up with her right hand and gripped her bloodied fingers around the handle. Having been held tightly in Sarah's hand just moments before, and now constantly receiving a fresh covering of blood, Miranda was slightly surprised that it felt-


Hot. That was the only sensation she could feel at that moment in time. And the only emotion she felt was fear as everything behind her bedroom door was being consumed by flames. "Mom! Dad! Where are you?!" fourteen-year old Miranda cried out. Dense smoke filled her vision and the crackling of the fire that had started in the living room was the only thing she could hear. The window in her bedroom was open, had been for ages so the smoke wouldn't suffocate her. But Miranda was on the upstairs floor; jumping out would mean almost certain death.

"I'm going to die..." Miranda whimpered. Flames flickered through the gap between the door and floor, and it would only be a matter of minutes, seconds maybe before the fire would reduce the door to cinders and reach her. A noise at the window caused her to jump and turn around. A firefighter had appeared at the window, standing at the top of a ladder.

"Quick, over here!" he called out. Miranda didn't need to be told twice, running over and letting the firefighter carry her down the ladder, safe and sound. Miranda was glad to see that her parents had made it out alright, but could only watch and cry her eyes out as their house, her home for all her life went up in flames.


With a tug that seemed to take nearly all of her energy to achieve, Miranda yanked the scalpel out from being lodged in her windpipe. She grunted loudly in pain; sliding the blade out hurt so much more than having it stabbed into her flesh in the first place. 'Bitch,' Miranda cursed, glaring daggers (or, more appropriately, scalpels) at Sarah's back.

The effect of removing the 'dam' was near instantaneous and Miranda started feeling a lot weaker and more light-headed already. 'One shot, make it count.' Using what reserves of her strength she had left, she hurled the surgical item at Sarah. Miranda immediately lost her balance and fell onto her right side, unable to see if she'd been able to hit the insane girl or not, and unable to get back up either.

'Well, guess this is it...' Miranda thought, darkness starting to seep into her peripheral vision. Her heart's beating was rapidly slowing down, her lifeblood spilling onto the grass and dirt beneath her in weakening pulses. Her breathing was getting laboured. Before her brain would cease functioning for good, it was kind enough to share one last memory with her.


"...Happy Birthday, dear Miranda! Happy Birthday to you!"

The dining room was dimly lit in the Merchant household in St. Paul, the eighteen candles on the birthday cake being the sole source of illumination. Miranda was sitting at the table, watching the cake carried by her mother head her way. Jacob and Ray sat on either side of her, Sean standing off to the side and recording the whole thing on video camera while Lawrence and his wife Katie watched the proceedings with smiles on their faces.

"Be sure to make a wish," Sean called out, keeping the camera focused on Miranda, her face lit up by the candles. Miranda didn't have a clue what to wish for, her mind switching back and forth between various options and decisions. It took her several seconds to finally decide on a wish.

I wish to have the best summer ever,' Miranda thought. She closed her eyes and exhaled.


Had she the strength, Miranda would have laughed at the irony of her birthday wish.

'I don't suppose I could change my wish while I'm still able to, can I? Mom, dad, the rest of you? Wishing you all the best, I... love you guys,' she thought with a slight smile on her face. 'And... I wish Sarah Atwell would die in a hole...'

And with that, she closed her eyes and exhaled.

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