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Nick picked himself up off the floor and brushed the dust from the front of his shirt. It seemed they had more company and more female company at that.

Teo lit up the dark with his smooth smile and started talking to her.

Well he seems to have cheered up real fast.

Nick made sure he still had a hold on his weapon and then looked closer at the girl. Despite his aim to know the entire senior class, he couldn’t quite remember her name. He recognized her by look, but he couldn’t place her in any sports or clubs.

“Wainright,” he said after his mind finally retrieved the file on her.

The offer to snuggle drifted by him mostly unnoticed as her words were drowned out by the momentary revival of his excitable nature brought about by the thing she was holding.

“Oh neat!”

He leaned in close to look at the gun. His eyes scanned as best they could, trying to pick up details.

“It’s a Mosin-Nagant bolt action rifle! It’s Russian, they’ve been using them since like, the start of the 20th century. I wonder how old this one is. Looks newish. The 7.62x54 cartridges were originally designed for the Mosin and in fact, it’s the oldest cartridge still in regular combat use. They’re great for accuracy. They use ‘em a lot as sniper rifles and outside of the military for hunting, it’s not that heavy and the recoil isn’t too bad. The only problem is that since it’s a bolt action it takes a little while to fire sometimes,” he spouted off.

“Lucky,” he sighed.

He was called back to Earth by Teo’s suggestion of sleep. He nodded.

“Yeah. S’late. Guess we better hit the hay for a little while.”

((Nick LeMonde continued in The Various Downsides of Being "Paranoid as Balls" ))
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