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((Cisco Vasquez continued from All That I've Ever Known))

Cisco Vasquez felt like dying.

He had apparently been wandering across the entire island looking for souls to reap for the last 48 hours at the very least. Despite having applied (and re-applied where the cases warrant) bandages and ointment from his own first-aid kit, andhaving managed to feed himself sparsely he had not only lost track of time but from what he noticed about the lack of any presence at all since this morning, lost track of his only traveling buddy.

And when that traveling buddy was the Grim Reaper, well, he couldn't help but feel extremely vulnerable at the least. His arms had practically stiffened holding his Carol Channing vinyl - which he still hadn't fully realized was a circular sawblade in a Carol Channing sleeve - to his chest. He also felt a bit abandoned and guilty, probably because of his complete lack of performance as Death's minion. By now, he had started mumbling to himself, mulling over every single different possibility and degree of pain of however Joe Rios would end up punishing him for his inability to do his dirty work. He begged and pleaded with whatever entity resided in his head for an opportunity to really prove himself.

Indeed, Joe seemed very, very disturbed as of late. Particularly when the announcement started playing. Cisco found this fear contagious, as he obviously attributed it to his current inability to do the Reaper's bidding. After all, none of them were responsible for the names mentioned on the announcement, and in that form Death would have to walk quite a bit to properly claim all the souls that the other students had liberated from the mortal coil.

"Joe? Buddy?" Cisco whimpered, "Is everything all right?"

Unfucked: Cisco Vasquez (V4)
Proper Fucked: Harris Van Allen (The Program), Rashid Hassan (V4)
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