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Stacy allowed herself a small laugh as Sarah pawed at her. "I'm okay Sarah. It's okay." She hugged her around the waist. "We're going to be okay."

She tried not to think about the dead. None of their deaths would have meaning. They were all just caught in this sick game. There was no doubt that the game was real. But what did it mean? What purpose could it possibly serve?

"Why are we here?" Stacy wondered aloud, allowing Sarah to handle the medical things. She knew a bit of first aid, but Sarah had the bag. Stacy would just be getting in the way if she jumped in now.

Something bad? Stacy looked at Sarah with concern and spoke softly. "What happened Sarah?"

"Try not to think too much. Let's just patch you up and figure out where we go from here..." Stacy advised the boy.
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