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[[OOC: Apologies for the delays and for the crappy post. Writers block. ><]]

Jasper-Declan was not an argumentative person. Though no one would argue that the things he did say were dishonest, he generally saw no reason to speak his mind when doing so would likely provoke people. And so he saw no reason to argue with his newfound allies as they exited the warehouse.

Mentally, though...

It is strange, how people will go out of their way to pursue a chaotic situation. Even when the most likely outcome is an increased danger to themselves. I wonder what drives them to choose this path...? Why do humans have such a terrible sense of self-preservation? Is it not most logical to remain inside, where there is no danger yet present? What is likely to await us outside? This is Survival of the Fittest, after all. Horrible things are lurking everywhere...

At any rate, I should accompany them. If there is danger outside, they shall need my protection.

So he quietly followed the others outside, remembering again that exactly what the weight in his hand represented.

He did not look at the people. At least, not right away. First he found himself again taking in his surroundings, and especially taking in the air as it cooled.

Like the fresh breezes of autumn...indeed, this may be my last cool breeze. Everything that occurs here may well be my last.

He shrugged that off and turned his attention to the new people. Two girls. A boy. The boy was injured, bleeding from the leg. One of the girls seemed to be attempting some sort of first aid. He was unsure. He was also not particularly interested. Mainly, he was here to make sure the newcomers were not violent, and they didn't seem to be. In that respect he was lucky. They were all lucky.

And then, announcements.


He listened, again, without much interest. Only one name would have struck him had he heard it, and he did not. The name Hayley sounded mildly familiar- she is an acquaintance of Alex, is she not?- but his mind passed that over, her name blending with those of the other killers. He noted the names, but he knew, looking out at the three newcomers, that any one of them could have been included on the list and he wouldn't have known. He didn't know their names.

However, Jasper-Declan being Jasper-Declan, he was unafraid as he took a few steps closer.

"Is there any way I could be of assistance?"

It seemed like the right thing to say.
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