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N-Nopony! Ah was talkin' to nopony whatsoever!
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They were finally ready for this. Everthing was going according to plan. They would just wave the white flag, convey intentions, and then try and come up with a plan. Katlin had just yelled out from the tunnels, and Max was muttering something about that damn gun again. Seriously, will you drop it for ten minutes? You're gonna piss someone off with the thing if you keep waving it around li-


The boy almost jumped out of his skin, the ground pad in his hand falling to the ground and rolling down the hill. His hands instinctively raced over his body, searching for holes in the skin. And as soon as he realized that he was fine, he began to get pissed. His head turned to the other two they were approaching not a minute ago were diving behind a log... Yep, that was a rifle. God damn it. He took a deep breath and looked back to Katlin. Just as she had emerged, she sunk back in to the darkness.

"MAX, FUCK!" His voice was still a mix between shock and frustration. What person thought it would be a good idea to give this kid a gun? "How many times have I told you to put it the fuck away?!?" If Peter had been mad before in his life, it was nothing compared to this. Max was going to kill someone; make a mistake he couldn't take back, and then it would be on all of their hands. Admittedly having the Gun was good for intimidation and protection, but not if it was going to be handled like this.

Taking the stick in his hands and jamming it into the sand, the white flag flew- a little more appropriately now than before. The white flag signaled peace and surrender. Now surrender could actually be construed. And as soon as the flag was securely placed, the shirt flowing in the wind, he turned to Max. "Give me the god damn gun. Before you fucking kill someone!" He put his hand out, expecting to soon feel the cold steel touching his palm. There was no question, just an order.
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