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The faceless fear
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Tiffany sat on the ledge next to the mountain. She was tired, but possibly not as tired as Quincy would have been. She clicked her tongue in irritation. Where had Quincy gone? Why had he left her the gun to deal with this... weirdo? Was he really that yellow livered that he’d only have protected her for as long as he was safe?

A million questions ran through her head as she looked down from her perch. She squinted. She couldn’t see who the other guy was, but he definitely sounded threatening to her. She couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. His voice was echoing off the side of the mountain badly enough that she couldn’t hear anything that he said clearly.

Rather than respond, Tiffany retreated against the nearest boulder, pulling the Quincy’s and her packs close to her body.

She whistled as loudly as she could. Much as she would love to cast Quincy off like a piece of useless chaff, she didn’t have a big enough group around her to be able to do such a thing. Right now, she needed Quincy probably as much as he needed her back.

“Quincy! Help! I can’t do this alone!” she cried out, hoping that her voice would reach him.

If it didn’t at least it might make others think that she was helpless and needed protecting. Or perhaps it might lead them to underestimate her. When push came to shove, Tiffany might need to pull the trigger...

...but she wasn’t quite sure that she could do it just yet.
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