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Milo looked at the now significantly more disgruntled man in front of him.

He was, understandably, not pleased with the music blaring in his ears. Milo turned it down a little, looked back at the man, and pushed his sunglasses down a little to show his eyes.

"Are you down with the clown?" Milo calmly asked.

Before the angered man could respond, Milo felt something like a pebble hit him in the side of the head. He turned his music off, pushed his sunglasses back up, and looked over at the source of the stone.

"Hey, what the..." He started to ask something, but then noticed that the people assailing him were two girls. One of them, the one with a purple-streaked ponytail and a Metallica shirt, was quite attractive; Milo couldn't tell for sure, but he had a feeling she had been the one who threw the rocks. He smiled almost imperceptibly and turned back to the angry man.

"Dibs on the hot one," he muttered to his new "friend".
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