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Alex reflected Madelyn's smile. As they each agreed to help him and go through with his plan, at least for another night. He looked over the coconut shy they were next to. "This looks like as good a place as any." he said. He walked around the back and opened the door. Inside, it was dusty and showing it's age. "Alright guys. Get a lie down. Charlene, I'll wake you in about three hours. After three hours, you wake Madelyn, alright? Madelyn's shift should end with our fat friend making another announcement. I doubt we'll be sleeping through that." he said.

He looked over at Madelyn. "Whoever's on watch will need to hold on to the gps." he said. He held his hand out, a reassuring smile hopefully telling her that she would get it back in the morning. He took it from her and took up his position. Madelyn curled up in the corner as they lay down to sleep. Alex sat with his back against the front wall of the coconut shy. From outside, it would be impossible to tell there was anyone in there at all. He sat and waited, lighting a cigarette as the two girls slept.


By the end of Alex's three hours, he was really starting to feel the burn of exhaustion. It hadn't hit him as hard as the other two, Alex had had more than a few sleepless nights, but he was by now ready to embrace sleep with open and willing arms. Next to him were four extinguished cigarettes. He looked over at the two girls, sound asleep in their blankets and smiled ruefully to himself.

Any other time and he would have spent the last three hours as a barely suppressed ball of hormones. It was only at this moment he'd noticed that the two girls he was in the company of were in fact two girls. He felt a slight twitch at that thought, but quickly brushed it aside. This was definitely not the time to be thinking about romance.

Such thoughts brought him back to Hayley again. The last three hours had seen her come up in his thoughts countless times. He had no idea what he was supposed to feel about her. She was still dear to him. Even now he could feel it and his imagination tormented him with thoughts of what she and Kyle were doing. He sighed to himself. If there was one person on this island he hadn't wanted to see, it had to be him. It wasn't even like Alex could justify himself.

Kyle was a good guy. A better guy than Alex or so his poor self image told him. Alex wanted to hate him. Life would be so much easier, he could be honest about what he felt, if only he could hate Kyle. But there was nothing to hate him for. He seemed to genuinely have Hayley's best interests at heart. Alex couldn't in good conscience ask him for more than that.

He yawned for a moment then was surprised as it turned into a full on dizzy spell. He steadied himself with a hand on the floor. "Must be more tired than I thought" he said in his head. He checked the GPS. Nothing on it for the last three hours. He went over and placed his hand on Charlenes shoulder, softly shaking her awake. "Your turn." he smiled tiredly. He lay down softly on his non wounded arm and swiftly fell into a dreamless sleep.
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