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it was a graveyard smash
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Tim seemed thoroughly relieved when Colin came to his aid in helping Jacob. For a moment, he thought that Colin would just shake his head and sit there before the fire, too depressed to help anyone out. "Of course Colin would never do such a thing! He's kind and helpful." But... this was Survival of the Fittest. Anything could happen. Ignoring the water that was soaking his pants and causing his shoes to feel like they weighed a hundred pounds each, he strengthened his grip on Jacob and tried to pull him back towards shore.

He wanted to know what happened to Jacob to make him feel so shoddy. What was worth killing yourself on an island where death was almost guaranteed? At this thought, Tim stopped himself and almost smiled. Maybe suicide really was better than what was to be expected later. Torture, slaughter, maiming... Or a quiet death out at sea. Now Tim felt bad, and his imagination ran wild.

What if Colin and Tim saved Jacob from the water now, and later, he would only be impaled or shot or beheaded or de-limbed? What if he later met a fate that would be a thousand times more gruesome than a simple drowning? Then again, drowning wasn't so pleasant either. Not that Tim knew from experience, but he was almost positive that he would rather die from blood loss as opposed to not being able to breath.

Then again, he had no experience. Maybe dying of blood loss was way worse than drowning or asphyxiation?

Tim's attention turned away from thoughts of death when Jacob's voice cut through the air like a sharp dagger. Tim listened and shook his head, his grip becoming like an iron vise. "N-No.. Don't think that. You are worth it," he told Jacob, but he was well-aware of how cheesy it sounded. It sounded empty and fake. Tim had no idea how much Jacob was worth. Maybe he wasn't.

Jacob mentioned 'she' being gone forever, and Tim understood a little. Jacob had lost someone, maybe a female friend or a girlfriend. Tim sucked in a breath of salty sea air and paused, running his tongue over his dry lips. He couldn't think of anything to say. Why was he so useless?! He couldn't comfort Colin, and he definitely wouldn't be able to comfort a complete stranger.

Jacob's tears and pain-filled words caused Tim's heart to clench as he fumbled for something useful to say. His mind went through all the things that he learned in life: how to tie your shoes, how to catch a fish, how to grow a Venus fly trap, how to cut paper into snowflakes, how to color inside the lines, and then... Those dumb classes he took in middle school that never did anyone any good. Drug prevention programs and sex education.. None of those stupid classes were doing him any good here! Why couldn't he have learned something useful in school? Like how to eloquently talk someone out of suicide?

But Tim knew nothing. Just a vessel full of stupid information. And yet... he could hear his brain whirring. Words were coming to mind, but they probably wouldn't be helpful. He didn't have a choice. He'd just have to say them anyway.

"Jacob, please don't. I'm sorry about 'her' but.. She's in a better place now, yeah? She's away from this island, and.. Anywhere is better than here, right...? You don't have to kill yourself because she's gone. She probably wouldn't have wanted that." Tim paused and rubbed the bottom of his chin. He became aware that a small bit of blonde stubble had appeared there.

"You don't have to take this path," Tim said loudly, gesturing out to the ocean. "Just.. hang in there for a bit longer. You.. You can hang with us! I'm Tim, and this is Colin. We-we can travel together!" There was another pause, and Tim shook his head. He couldn't do this. He couldn't piece together meaningless words to convey a message that might not even convince Jacob not to die. He took a deep breath and

"Look, Jacob," Tim said loudly, letting his hand trail lower to grip onto Jacob's upper arm. "We're not going to stand here and watch as you drown yourself. We can't do that. I can't do that. So you're going to get with us to shore, and you not going to fucking argue it, okay?! Stop being stupid!" he shouted, using his other hand to grab onto the same arm as he looked over at Colin. "Grab his other arm, and let's get him back to shore."

Tim didn't think that force was the best way to go about this at the moment, but he honestly didn't care. Words weren't helping. If he wanted to bring about a change, he would have to do so; not talk about it.
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