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They let her sit with them; Helen had never felt so relieved.

Plonking herself onto the grass on the other side of Dave, Helen took a moment to rearrange herself until she was relatively comfortable, allowing a smile in spite of herself. It was strange how she'd never met any of these people before. Charlie, Dave and Izzy. Normal names, relatively not crazy looking people.

"Uh, well I'm called Helen," she said, starting to answer Isabel's questions. How had she spent the last three days. That was, in fact, a very good question. They'd gone quickly considering that she'd spent most of it on her own, trying to avoid what she was certain were madmen all with a vengeance to kill her. "I spent the first day lost in some tunnels with a bunch of people, the normal ones of whom I lost and then I ran away from the crazy ones. Then walked here, all the while depleting my iPod of battery..." she said the last bit mournfully. It was only day three, and she was already without music.

Though perhaps it was a credit to the relative peacefulness of her journey so far that a red battery was her only real problem. She turned to face her three schoolmates properly, trying to remember their names.

"So it's Dave, Charlie and Izzy?" she said hesitantly, pointing to each of them in turn. "Funny how you can go through high school and never learn some people's names," she added softly with a shrug, picking a blade of grass from the gorund and rolling it between her fingers like a cigarette.
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