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Craptastic Joshpost ahoy!

((Joshua Krakowski continued from Mad World))

Further up the beach, a kilometre or so away from where Marty had set camp, a certain Joshua Krakowski was pondering his thoughts on the edge of the beach.

Several hours ago, he'd just made his way to the beach after leaving the forest of tree stumps far behind him. Once he arrived, he'd almost slumped over onto the ground and fallen sleep almost immediately. After all, he hadn't slept once since he'd first woken up on top of the mountain.

He would have continued sleeping if the announcement hadn't of woken him up, causing him to bolt from his sleep and shake off the sand that had gotten all over his clothes. Jesus, man! Who'd of thought sand would itch so much!

He held his breath as he listened to the announcement, praying that Marty's name wouldn't be mentioned. He'd already lost one friend to this stupid game without being able to do anything about it, no way he was losing another. Especially not Marty of all people. Thankfully though, his name was never mentioned, allowing Joshua a sigh of relief. It wasn't too late to meet up with him just yet. There was no way in hell that he'd let Marty down like that... Not after already letting Daniel and Everett down.

Still, the fact remained that 21 people had still died because of all this. People he'd been completely helpless to prevent the deaths of... Chances are, he'd be helpless to save Marty as well. That some day he'd be standing there minding his own business when BAM, an announcement comes along and says that Marty had just been scalped, castrated and burned alive by some freaky nutjob like Sarah Awtell. Sarah... Damnit, who'd of thought SHE would turn out to have been a complete psychopath the whole time! She seemed so... Well, normal! Guess this means any of us could flip at any moment. Even...... No, don't think about it. Marty's gonna be fine you'll see...

You'll see......
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