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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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((Shitpost but we REALLY need to get a move on here))

No sooner had Clio disappeared from the area than another girl stepped out of the shadows. Teo was momentarily taken back by surprised but quickly recovered as Gracie spoke up. Gracie Wainright. Despite her copious amounts of makeup and ridiculously styled hair still rocked a pretty hot body and her tits were decent too. Still he had a girlfriend. Who would be watching right?

Teo didn't know. Tash wasn't one for violence and he had already decided to play. Would she forgive him for that? He didn't know. Catching a little on the side wouldn't be any less forgivable then killing someone he was sure. As Clio's footsteps receded in to the distance he flashed that charming smile of his after giving a curt nod to Nick. Indicating that they would discuss it later. Gracie was touting a rifle and after disarming one crazed lady with a gun Teo didn't really want to run through the process again. Get Gracie asleep and the two could decide what to do with her. Worse came to worse at about 150 pounds the two could easily overpower her.

"Sure babe. It's getting late too. We should find a shipping container and camp it out. At least for a while. You get some sleep while Nick and I keep a watch out k? We'll swap it up later."

He needed a little time to discuss with Nick their far reaching plans. It had become messy and the moral lines were getting a little blurred. All in all Teo wasn't coming off that well psychologically from the run in with Clio. He needed a little time to assess. He still retained the facade of bravado but a slight twitch almost emerged before sheer willpower pulled it down again.

((Teo Weinstock continued elsewhere...))
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