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No paper. Liz stopped, and tried to memorize the names in the announcements, but her brain was skipping exhaustedly. Some murderer's names got through. She hoped that was enough. Duncan spoke, something about Maria Graham and another Maria. Then Feo spoke, less distinct, and suddenly she and Ethan were following Liz. Liz tried to convince herself that this was a good thing. Maybe it was.

They walked.

It was a long walk. The island was moist, so the cave walls were moist. Moss turned to mold. They shone flashlights around like idiots, looking for reflections, signs of metal, or plastic.

"There's a relay." Feo said finally. Her nail was on a black matte box.

Liz turned. Looked at it. Crouched down, so she was eye-level with it. Touched it, gingerly. It was covered in static. She felt around it. It was a relay alright.

There were loose rocks near her. She picked one up to break the relay. She must have been telegraphing her actions. Ethan grabbed her hand.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" He was spitting in her ear. "You do that and they'll send you sky high. If you wanna blow yourself up, do it without us."

Her hand stiffened, then relaxed. She had been hasty. Hopeful. She needed to think more. Come up with a better plan. She let Ethan pull her back. He squeezed her wrist, hard. She gritted her teeth. Did her best to remain polite.

"Please let me go."

He did. Dropped her like she was something disgusting. Liz had to put her hand on the cavern wall to catch herself.

"There's one. There's gonna be more. This plan now sucks." Feo said. She kicked a rock. It skittered away, past Liz.

"Let's surface." Ethan said. He looked tired.

Let's surface.

They surfaced. A grim rock-dusted party.

"Let's split." Said Ethan.

And Feo and Ethan split.

Liz sat for a while, looking at the stars. It was dark now, again. She could pick out constellations in the sky. It was clear. Beautiful.

She smoked a cigarette under the quiet night sky. Lay back on the ground. Counted primes. Failed to blow smoke rings above her head. Amused herself trying.

Finally she looked at the map of the island. A new idea came, tentative. She let it shimmer down to the edge of her vision. Fixed the net gun instead, with double-square knots and sticking plaster. Didn't push the idea. Slept on it instead. Her back against stone.

Birdcalls woke her. The morning was dim, wet and still.

She picked up her bag and started to walk.

(Liz Polanski continued in God's Unwanted Children)

Alice Boucher was a liar.
Liz Polanski played with fire.

And who the hell is Radio Asuka?
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