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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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((Josée Trembley continued from Ishida Hunting))

Call it human restriction but after wandering around the island for what seemed like days, Josée needed to rest. She leaned against a particularly large looking tree and took a deep breath and observed her surroundings. She couldn't be lost, she knew that after she had wandered away from Remy this morning she had gone almost completely straight onwards, so all she had to do was go back the other way. At least, she thought that she had gone completely straight onwards, she knew that she had passed a few distinctive looking trees on her morning wandering; the only problem was that she couldn't quite recall what the exact features of distinction were.

"Hey guys?"

Josée heard a muffled shout nearby, she had to have been near Remy. Damn, she was rather hoping to have caught up with Katelyn first; she didn't know exactly why, but perhaps she could turn her against Remy or something like that. Not completely turn her against him; just show that she was superior to him. But alas, there he was, waiting for them both. Josée could just about hear where he was coming from, she must have looped round and went backwards at some point because he was suddenly so close to her. Josée moved towards him.

"Well... I think I can safely say that that is defiantly a forest out there. So what have you contributed to the team so far this morning Remy?" She asked in a sort of mocking fashion, she winked jokingly towards Katelyn.
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