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your mom wanted to make sure that her clothes didn’t steal the spotlight from her new haircut so she went with this feather fringed semi-transparent catsuit w/modesty pleather panels in a simple, understated black.
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Feo was fully prepared to throw down over the oar. But for once on the damn island, luck was on her side and no one wanted to play captain hero.

Heroism was for fools, in her opinion.

She smirked at Frankie, waggled her two remaining fingers at her. "Yep, I'm a regular fucking cripple now. Handicapped parking spots and all that shit."

Announcements, again. Whatever, wasn't like you could trust anyone here either way. Duncan asked about Maria. He still cared about her even though she was a murderer. And burning someone to death was pretty fucking ugly, far as killing went. It was sweet of him.

She gave him two more days.

Was I always this much of a downer, fuck?

"Nope, but I think there might be another Maria in the class. Maybe he got them mixed up?"

Giving false hope, good deed for the day.

That Liz chick was looking for relays. Feo really had no idea what relays were, but she wasn't turning her back on that girl. She looked like she could kill. They'd relax and BOOOOM, shit would get ugly. Her hand throbbed.

"I'm following her. Keep your enemies closer, right?

She went the same path Liz had gone, leaving her bags with Ethan.
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