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Isabel was pretty tired from the long hike, but when she finally took inventory on the group, they weren’t doing so badly.

It was already the third day and among them, none of them were killers, none of them were crazy, they’d all had decent rest, though the food hadn’t been great they had eaten enough and discounting Dave’s damaged knees and Charlie’s nose, they were largely uninjured. On top of all that, they seemed to get along reasonably well, which was a boon in and of it’s self.

She rolled over unto her stomach and watched Dave pull out the butcher knife. She supposed that at least counted as something the average person would be afraid of. Charlie was the least fortuitous of all, pulling out a small mirror.

“A mirror?”

Without so much as picking up her head she unzipped her bag, felt around and took out the large jagged mirror shard she had taken from the maze.

“Yeah. I’ve got one of those too,” she said lightly.

She dropped the thing back into the bag. A small voice floated down from over head and she rolled over to look. Cute girl, scared girl. She wanted to join. The more people that were added to the group, the more nervous Isabel became. Anytime she was in a group she became quieter the larger the group. She and Dave were fine. She supposed she, Dave and Charlie was fine as well. This new addition set her on edge a little, but in all honesty she felt bad turning someone like that away.

“Normally I consider myself to be sort of mean and snippy but compared to these two I’m practically the welcome wagon. So..uh…welcome.”

It struck her as singularly odd that Dave referred to her as “Izzy.” No one called her that. It wasn’t that she minded, it was just….well, no one called her that. She chalked it up to Dave being too lazy to say the whole thing.

Lord knows that extra syllable might kill him.
Still, as it was almost a term of endearment, she was fine with being called that.

“Well, go on and have a seat.”

She sat up and tried to take a survey of where they were. Looked like a golf course. In the announcement they had said the mansion was off limits. She supposed that was the thing in the distance as marked on the map. Several yards away the green dipped a little. A sand trap?

“So what’s your name and how have you spent the past three days?”
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