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Ericka Bradley. Killer. Victim? Frankie Watson. Two people Lucas didn't know, except through the announcements. That complicated matters, however, Ericka had been honest. She'd told him the score. That had to count for something. He hadn't known who she was. She could have tried to lure him out and kill him.

She was from the library? Lucas didn't spend too much time in the library. He was a film man, not a bookworm. Still, an academic background did not imply full-on insanity. A difficult decision, then. A very difficult one. She stepped clear of the cover of the tree line, and Lucas looked at her. Short. Skinny. Messy hair. Didn't look too threatening.

She asked why he was in the open.

"Well, Ericka, I figure our best bet here is to get a nice area set up and wait this out. A fortress, if you will. Keep away the psychos, keep a trusted group together. You're welcome to join."

Quick as he could, he snapped the SMG into line with the girl.

"Provided you spill the beans on that kill right now. Names. Places. Details. I want to believe you, but... with real murderers out there? Who can tell anymore?"
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