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If the two girls - and Harun - had paid attention to Rashid for just the right moment, they probably would have noticed his head tilted to the side a little bit. At least before Rashid turned his attention to Madeleine.

"Uh...hey girls...just heard you talking and thought that...." Harun wasn't much of an icebreaker, even with that gun-blade he had to help him out. "Erm...just thought I'd see if you were both alright, that's all...."

"Yeah, we thought we'd join you," Rashid finished, his hormones giving him a brief burst of confidence, among other increasingly obvious things. He didn't figure any of them to immediately try to kill him at least while his friend wielded the gunblade.

""Oh, uh...I-I'm okay, I guess," Madeleine replied, about as much at a predictable loss for words as Harun was. "Listen, d-don't take this the wrong way, but...uh...Are...are you gonna use that?"

It was in the silence that followed that the announcements began to play. The gratingly annoying tone of this game's ever-jovial and ever-sadistic host did its job well in digging up the paranoia that Rashid had somehow managed to settle into his psyche over the past 48 hours. This was a voice everyone was supposed to fear for good reason. If the students didn't have Rashid's life in their hands, Danya certainly did in his.

"Kill number five was none other than Eva Lancaster, with R.J Lowe showing her that it's the quiet ones that you have to watch out for... and their guns.

Just as well, Rashid's paranoia had rooted itself deep enough that he now seemed quite fixated on Madeleine throughout the span of the announcement much more than the Rosa. At least he could count on Harun at least being wobbly enough to give him those precious few seconds to take his pills with him, what with the rather large gun-blade and all. But Madeleine? He hadn't even noticed what weapon she had been carrying.

And that was an oversight that Danya had apparently seemed to predict.

Next to go down was the one and the only Jonathan Jarocki, who somehow got it into his head that running around and yelling and firing his gun like some kind of cowboy was a good idea. Miss Madeleine Smith proved exactly why that was not the case...

It was the mention of Madeleine's name that Rashid suddenly and painfully realized that he had not gotten used to surprises, even the ones that somehow appeared scripted. The one thing he hadn't figured out in his 48 hours of time to think since he left the mansion was what to do when meeting someone who had definitely killed someone. This wasn't like Daisuke or Mia, whom he knew hadn't killed someone but were probably about to snap. At least not yet.

"Madeleine...what...what did you do?" he asked, panic starting uprooting his confidence with every word. He planted one foot backward, as if to get ready to run. "What did you do!?"
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