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((Katelyn Wescott continued from Ishida Hunting))

Katelyn crept through the forest with her heart in her throat. She knew it wasn't good to be so tense at a time like this but she just couldn't help it. With Josee and Remy out of sight she could never feel completely safe. Someone could jump out of the bushes and shoot her at any moment. She knew it wouldn't happen, and that she'd need a cool head to get through all this. How they would actually get through this Katelyn didn't know, but she knew she had to just keep going. Just keep going one step at a time. Then perhaps the end would come and they wouldn't have died or needed to kill anyone. But if that time was to ever come they'd have to live in the present and keep taking one step after another.

Right now Katelyn's one step was a practical one. Find that creek they'd passed on their way here and see if she could get any drinking water from it. Their bottles wouldn't last forever, and it was always better to be safe than sorry. She shouldn't have left Josee and Remy like that, but she'd been having trouble sleeping and needed something to do.

When the announcement crackled over the speakers hidden around the island Katelyn almost let out a scream from the surprise, but as the announcement got under way her shock was replaced by different kind of horror. 'Mr. Danya' reading out the names of her friends and classmates, him listing how they'd died, and the fact that she hadn't been able to do anything about it, it was all too much! These people shouldn't have been dying; they were good people! They shouldn't have been killing each other! It was as if simple misunderstanding were becoming violent. How long until it all fell apart? These damn collars making everyone hurt each other! Katelyn couldn't stand it, she had to get back to the others.

She was glad she'd found Remy and Josee. While they were with her she knew she wouldn't hear their names read out by that sick fuck. She could stay with them and protect them and stop anything happening to them. It was something on this island that she could do, while everything else was beyond her control. Katelyn only wished she could say the same about Aston and Marion. Even two days later she still felt like she'd betrayed them. If their names had been on the announcements Katelyn felt that she would have probably broken down. At least they were still alive, even without her.

Hurrying back to where they'd slept, Katelyn heard Remy's voice and once again felt that tightness in her chest. She'd let them out of her sight. What if he had spotted someone creeping up and didn't want to attract attention? Oh why had she been so selfish as to leave them alone like that! Tears she hadn't even noticed falling down her cheeks, Katelyn sprinted towards his voice.

As Katelyn ducked around a tree and saw him standing seemingly safe she felt the tension fall out of her. She slowed and let out a sigh; at least he was safe.


Katelyn didn't have anything to say to him, so she just expressed her feelings through a relieved smile.
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