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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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As mornings go, the morning of her third day on the island was probably the most eventful one Ema Ryan had ever experiened. It wasn't every day you woke up next to your ex girlfriend, heard someone you'd just met was dead, and then heard that same ex had killed someone yesterday. But despite that all, she felt oddly optimistic.

Why? Why should anyone be optimistic when their odds of survival are theoretically about 250 to 1, and probably worse in practice? Because she felt she'd finally stopped making stupid mistakes and bad decisions. Ordinarily, Ema would most likely have chosen to go off alone, and probably would've died alone, achieving nothing. Now she felt she had a chance at something meaningful, if it were only a death achieving nothing, but at the side of someone she cared about, and who cared about her. Morbid thoughts, but at least this time they were positive ones. "Yeah, great time to have a social epiphany. Good luck with that." / "Feh, it's better than never, isn't it?"

For once, the sarcastic pessimist in Ema had nothing to say in response.

"Well. If that's settled...we've gotta get going. Groundkeeper's hut is open again, so that's where we're meeting Maddy and Alex and Charlene. I...I have less stuff than you, so I can help you carry it, if you want?"

Good point. In all her epiphanising... was that even a word? "No, stop going off on tangents, pay attention." In all her thinking, Ema had forgotten that there were things to do, people not to keep waiting, safety in numbers to achieve. The offer to share the weight of her stuff was an appealing one, so after putting her coat back on and grabbing her daypack, the redhead nodded, replying "Sure, I'd kinda like to keep my shoulders alive for another few days."

Whilst rolling up her towel and blanket, and weighing up the pros and cons of keeping them with her - pros won, comfortable sleeping trumps comfortable walking any day - Ema noticed Kyle hand Hayley some spare clothes of his. Another thing she'd forgotten, since by then it had become almost normal, seeing Hayley as she was, and Ema had completely forgotten her own offer to share clothes. Odd really, though, since the two girls were pretty much the same size and build, didn't make much sense for Kyle to offer as well. It never even occurred to Ema that practicality wasn't the reason behind it, but regardless, she didn't speak up about it.

With her personal bag packed away, left there for Hayley to carry, the Irish girl made a concerted effort to force her unruly hair to stay out of her eyes, and mused "So, uh... shall we?".
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