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((Sorry for messing up post order, but Maddy should probably get out before Clio))

"We run on the count of three, alright? One two, THREE"

That was not enough time for her to get moving. As Charles was getting up and running, Maddy found herself hastily shoving the first aid kit back into her duffel bag and struggling to her feet. Not looking at Clio, whom she fully expected would follow them in seconds, she trotted after Charles, more quick off the mark than she had expected. Picing up pace she found herself running past Jackie and Belle, whom she called out to in a cursory gesture.

"I think I'm running!" she said, "but good luck!" Not entirely sure if they heard her good luck or not, Maddy found herself picking up speed as she started to catch up with Charles. For the first time in a long while Maddy was grateful for the fact that she'd gone to hockey, was reasonably healthy, and could run if she needed to. The wind whipped past her face, and it was strangely... exhilarating... to be on the run from a dangerous force, someone who had killed someone on the first day. Of course, who knew how accurate the announcement was (and Maddy herself had tried not to listen to it, but odd names had snuck in), perhaps things were dramatised to make them scared, keep them on the run? But it didn't matter, all that mattered was that she didn't really care.

Focussing on the path, Maddy noticed out of the corners of her eyes that the landscape was blurring. It could have been a beautiful view if she'd permitted herself to stop and look. As it was, she didn't even dare to turn her head and see if Clio, or anyone else for that matter, was actually following them. If she'd learnt anything from Film Studies class, it was that when the heroine (or the sidekick, as Maddy was forced to admit she probably was in this situation) looked behind them while running, they immediately fell over.

And that was not going to happen, Maddy decided resolutely. You are going to be a coordinated person, and not fall over at the first sight of trouble. Please, God, help me to successfully run away from the poor, possibly slightly crazy, person who may or may not be planning to kill me right now. And please, give her the strength to realise that killing is not the way forward, and that perhaps, just perhaps, Charles has a good idea...

The wind on her face was refreshing.

((Maddy Stone continued in Fight or Flight))
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