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When the announcement hit, Imraan was resting on his haunches at the edge of the cliff, staring out at the early morning sky. He'd moved off from the others a bit. Not too far, just far enough that he had some personal space. He knew the announcement would be coming soon.

They hadn't done a half-bad job on the sign, actually. It had taken longer than Imraan had originally hoped, but by the end of it he thought they'd gotten some kind of camaraderie down. He could have done without Cody's overall attitude about the thing, but hey, he'd helped, so Imraan didn't think he had much to complain about.

Of course, now that it was morning and he could see what they'd spent so much time on with the benefit of a night's rest and fresh eyes, it all seemed pretty pointless. Just what WERE the odds of a bunch of logs leading to their rescue, anyway? It wasn't exactly a revolutionary idea, and so far as Imraan knew it sure as heck hadn't worked any of the other times this had happened.

He glanced over at the others: Janet, Cody, David.

"Gets them doing something other than killing each other at least," he muttered to himself.

There was that. Not to mention that it kept all of them in one spot, and better protected in a group than any of them would be wandering around by themselves in the middle of the night.

Congratulations, you've managed to ensure that three whole people didn't get killed yesterday! How about the other 200?

Imraan looked down at the shotgun in his hands. Heh. How indeed. He'd gotten it loaded and figured out the basics of it, he thought; but until push came to shove he sure didn't have a clue if he'd be willing OR able to work it correctly.

The announcement rolled through the island, and after it was finished, Imraan spent a few seconds with his eyes closed, breathing deep. He thought he was doing OK. Better than the last time, at least.

Speaking of people he'd hoped to keep alive. Madeleine Smith had killed the Jarocki kid. Imraan remembered leaving her by the truck, hoping that she'd follow him and Edward, hoping that he could provide some protection to her. Guess she didn't need it. The announcement had pointed out that Jarocki was apparently shooting at her. So maybe she'd had no choice. He didn't know if that justified it, but it made him feel better, at least. If Jarocki wasn't able to attack anyone, the island was safer as a whole.

Rachel had killed Theo Behr. That... that just couldn't be right. Rachel was not the easiest person to get along with, Imraan knew that more than anyone. But she would NOT kill in cold blood. Maybe Theo had attacked her first, heck, maybe the whole thing was an accident and Danya was just passing it off as Rachel murdering him. Imraan didn't know much about this show, but he did know he would not, COULD NOT trust those announcements blindly. Besides, again it made him feel better to assume that.

Of course, Imraan wasn't stupid. He wasn't naive. He couldn't just tell himself that they'd all killed in self-defense, or that Danya was distorting the truth every single time. Reiko Ishida, she'd killed four people. FOUR PEOPLE. How could that be an accident? She'd killed Raina. Raina Morales, who was on the girls' team and who he'd shared a knowing smile with on more than one occasion over the heads of the other students. Raina, who despite being nearly as tall as he was, wouldn't hurt a fly. And... what, Reiko had kicked her head in? While she was sleeping or something? Maxwell Lombardi had strangled someone, and then shot someone else. Could there possibly be an explanation for THAT? Imraan didn't think so.

So those kids were out there. They were killing, and some of them had to be killing in cold blood. And he was up here, rolling logs around and reciting the Beatitudes.

Imraan shook his head again and stood up, feeling his kneecaps pop. Maybe this morning he'd figure out what to do next. Heck, maybe God would give him a sign. That brought a grin to his face, at least. God's days of burning bushes and telling you what to do were long past.

He walked back over to the others, holding his shotgun low. Another guy had come out of the trees, one of the faces that Imraan recognized from school but couldn't put a name too. The other kid held a gun, but he wasn't looking like he was about to use it. Still, Imraan didn't want to take any chances.

"Hey," he said. "You uh, you want to rest here for a bit?"

He shifted the shotgun to both hands, keeping it pointed away from the new guy and the others, but with his attention solely on them.
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