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((Maxwell Lombardi continued from Walk The Line))

It had been several hours since his brutal dispatching of Vera, and Maxwell was already beginning to get tired of it all.

Not of the killing of course, that was the fun part. It was the bits in between as he travelled from place to place that bored him senseless. Hours upon hours of nothing but walking in an unspecified direction, occasionally checking the map ever so often to make sure he wasn't accidentally walking into a dangerzone or something. It'd be unfathomably annoying if after narrowly avoiding death several times in one day for him to in such an anticlimactic fashion.

Still, as the evening wore on into night it soon became evident that he'd have to find somewhere to sleep for the night. Preferably somewhere indoors, with a comfortable bed. Resting out in the open made him a huge target, not to mention just how unpleasant it'd be to sleep underneath a tree like some savage. Still, that didn't stop him from taking the occasional two-hour rest here and there in order to keep his strength up. But if he was to get a proper nights rest he'd have to find a building of some description. Any building would do, as long as it had somewhere a grown man like himself could rest comfortably...

On the bright side, he wouldn't be the only person on this island feeling the urge to go to sleep. Chances are there were any people out there right now, desperately searching for some place to rest for the night. Many of them would be content to just sleep in the middle of a forest somewhere, all alone with whatever weapon they were carrying with them laid aside. In other words, somewhere out there in that inky darkness were over a hundred potential targets just waiting for someone to come along and slit their throat in their sleep... If only Maxwell had a knife to do it with.

The hours went on, and Maxwell had yet to find either a reasonable shelter OR a defenseless nobody to remove from the game. The night was already in the early stages of dawn, the once black sky slowly but surely turning lighter as the sun began to rise in the east. He cursed himself then for not bringing a watch along with him, and was about to consider checking his bag in case they let him keep his mobile when a familiar sound of static emanated across the island. Another announcement already? My word, I really did lose track of the time haven't I? Ah well, I could use a little entertainment...

It was fairly standard at first. Two idiots apparently got themselves killed by staying in a dangerzone too long, which didn't come as much as a surprise to Maxwell. If anything, he was shocked by the fact that ONLY two people had bee stupid enough to stay in a dangerzone. What he heard next on the other hand, DID come as something of a shock to him...

"Well, after that, everyone's favourite midget, Reiko Ishida managed to score with another double kill. That's right kids, that puts her on four. First up was Tobias Elwin, who took a knife to the throat and then right afterwards, Raina Morales discovered that Reiko's boot was a lot harder than her head. Must've been a real kicker for her..."

So, the bitchy psychopath had already butchered two more imbeciles before our little encounter? My, she really DOES work fast doesn't she? I'm almost glad I didn't kill her now... With people like her out there removing the competition left right and centre, I should be off this island within a few days!

Six and seven came in quick succession at the hands of Maxwell Lombardi, our new favourite Brit first strangling Augustus MacDougal to death, then taking advantage of what can be only described as the monumental stupidity of Harold Fisher to take his gun and shoot him with it. Thanks, Maxwell, for showing everyone that there's more to you folks than top hats and tea drinking."

Well... Damn. So much for hoping that he didn't spill the beans so soon. Oh well, they were going to learn one way or another weren't they? Besides, I doubt most of them know who the hell I am anyway... Then again, that Augustus fellow knew who I was didn't he? Hmm......

MUCH more entertaining was our next kill, with Nick Reid doing the honours by smashingTom Guthrie's face into a fine paste using a rock wall, so for those of you keeping count, that's two for Mr. Reid.

Nick Reid is a vicious killer? What a surprise... Note to self, make sure to finish him off the next time we meet...

After that, Danya went on to announce a few more names which meant nothing to him along with the dangerzones. As Maxwell noted the information down on the back of his map, he couldn't help but wonder why Vera's death hadn't been mentioned. Its not as if she died too late or anything, he'd killed her several hours ago... Maybe it was a technical mistake? Two many names to mention all at once? Or perhaps Danya just liked to screw around with people's heads...

"Our last order of business for this announcement is that perennial office favourite; the best kill award! Sarah Atwell, I hope you remember us when Hollywood gives you a call, because you're the winner of today's award! Please head on over to the Infirmary in a short while to collect your glamourous prize!"

At that moment, Maxwell was suddenly surprised to find himself feeling somewhat... Well, jealous of the fact that he hadn't been the one to win the best kill award. He hadn't a clue WHY he was jealous, after all the BKA was only a trick used to get people to start killing each other. Besides, he was well equipped enough as it was... Perhaps it was because knowing that someone other then himself had won it meant that there was somebody else out there doing a better job at reducing the competion? Oh whatever, it doesn't really matter either way... Still, I best keep an eye out for this Sarah Atwell girl. Perhaps I could even congratulate her on a job well done... After i've filled her with lead, of course.

At that moment, saw something glowing in the distance. A fairly faint grow, but a glow nevertheless. Don't tell me somebody was actually STUPID enough to start a fire and alert everyone on the damn island... Then again, perhaps its a trap set up to lure would-be killers or idiots desperate to hide behind someone else's back? Oh well, guess it doesn't hurt to just check it out...

He crept slowly through the forest, holding onto his weapon tightly as he slowly began to make out the shape of several people huddled around a campfire sat precariously on the edge of steep cliff. He hid behind a tree on the edge of the camp, poking his head out slowly in order to get a decent view of them. From the looks of things, they were just a bunch of harmless friends chatting to each other. None of them seemed armed as far as he was aware off, and they were too busy discussing the announcement to take any notice of their surroundings... In other words, it was the perfect target for someone like Maxwell to take advantage of.

A wicked smile creased his lips as he held his recently acquired TEC-9 up, readying himself to jump from his cover and open fire. He considered for a second the idea of trying to take them all out at once, but decided against that. It'd be a much better idea to take out the strongest first, causing the others to panic and present themselves as clear targets. Hmm, that tall paki seemed like the strongest of the bunch. Perhaps it'd be best to take him out first...

He took another peak, and was surprised to spot someone hiding behind a tree a dozen or so metres away. What the... Bastard! Where did HE come from?!?

He observed him at first, trying to figure out his motives. Was he planning to do the same thing Maxwell was? He couldn't tell at first... It wasn't until he approached the group with open arms that Maxwell realised that he didn't mean any harm either. If anything, he was glad that this newcomer had arrived to provide a distraction... Well, no time like the present.

Without a moment's hesitance, he jumped from out of his cover and aimed his gun's sights at Imraan. No fancy speeches. This time he'd just do the practical thing and open fire on them whilst he still had the element of surprise on his side.

And sure enough, that's exactly what he did as he pulled the trigger, firing off 12 rounds in Imraan's general direction with a sadistic look on his face.
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