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Garry immediately jerked his head round to face the voice, nearly losing his balance while doing so. 'Did he just call me... sir?' Garry thought, cocking an eyebrow. 'Weird, not been called that by someone from school before. What is this guy's name anyway? I feel like I should know... oh fuck it.'

"Um, yeah, I-I'm fine," Garry replied, releasing the fence and letting his hands drop to his sides, his knuckles resting on the floor. It was as far from the truth as he could get. Here he was, stuck on an island and told to kill his classmates. He was depressed, he wanted to go home, he wanted to find Violetta and Saul. No, Garry wasn't okay. "I'm Garry, by the way," he added on.

It was getting dark, and Garry continued to sit where he was, turning back to stare out at the darkening horizon. In just an hour or two it would be pitch black and Garry would have to resort stumbling around in the darkness with only a flashlight for guidance, which was getting dangerous since he was not only close to the cliff edge, but also approaching a pair of danger zones.

"Hey, have you seen Violetta Lindsberg anywhere, or know what she looks like?" Garry asked, turning back to face Luke. He didn't know if the other boy heard him, or if he even gave an answer or not.

"Look, I can't stay here and chat for too long, I really need to get going and look for her. It-it's very important." He stood up and gathered all his belongings. He looked towards Luke, seeing if he had any weapons on hand. "So... sorry, I don't know your name. If you're not doing anything else, could you help me? You don't have to come with me if you don't want to, but if you do see Violetta, please let her know that I'm looking for her."
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