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Apparently, Rosa and Madeleine were not alone in this part of the woods. This didn't come as much of a surprise to the young artist, who had learned through experience that if you talked to someone long enough, someone else would find you. Still, all things considered, she could have done much worse than bumping into Harun. She'd seen him every now and then, and he seemed shy and polite, much like herself. Even as he spoke, he showed his normal traits, using the end of his elaborate gun to scrape in the dirt at his feet. Madeleine would have smiled at this normally, but given that she had other things on her mind, she instead simply relaxed, and focused on the man behind Harun.

Madeleine wasn't very familiar with Rashid, but she knew from other people about his joking nature in regards to his religion. She had actually been fascinated to hear of that, and had wondered what he was like in person. Evidently, she was going to meet him in person, and she wondered whether the game had affected him at all.

At that moment, she realized that Harun had asked about how she and Rosa were doing. "Oh, uh...I-I'm okay, I guess," she said, absentmindedly straightening out the rolled-up sleeves of her blouse. "Listen, d-don't take this the wrong way, but...uh..." She struggled for the right words to say. "Are...are you gonna use that?" She gestured at the weird gun/sword thing that he was currently scraping back and forth across the ground. Ever since he'd walked up with that in his hand, she'd been concerned that her own gun was currently folded up in her bag and unloaded, putting her in a vulnerable position. Still, she trusted Harun, and the tone of her question had been fairly friendly. She was just curious, that's all, and wasn't in the mood for a fight.

I hope that he's as friendly as I figured, otherwise we could be in deep trouble, Fiametta and I.

As Madeleine stood tensed, waiting for Harun's answer, the second announcement began to blare. She was expecting to be on it, of course, but she had other things on her mind, like whether or not she'd be dead in the next few seconds.
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