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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Yeah, yeah... there were more polite ways to wake up a gal than the militaristic siren Aislyn's voice was blazing. Felicia's body gave a jolt at first, sitting up an inch or so, and then flopping back down on the grass. Her dreams had been ripped from her like Giygas ripped away at the sanity of young children, but her mind still clung to sleep madly.

"Ngh... five more minutes..."

As vain as the plea was, she had to hope that Aislyn might find the grace to say 'okay' and have her catch up on those last few minutes of shut-eye. And maybe she'd forget it was just five minutes, and give her ten. Or fifteen. Or sixty. Then, much to Felicia's dismay, the old familiar foe of the late sleeper began to arise. Her stomach, somewhere juuuust above the navel, had the slightest, most unintrusive itch.

And she needed to scratch that devil.

"Augh... fine, fine, I'm up!" the girl growled, fighting to sit up straight and rub her eyes open. She was feeling terrible from not having a true and proper sleep in quite a while, and her belly had to betray her like this. Well, fuck it... she just wouldn't feed it! That'd show... um... that'd show it? No.. that logic wasn't making sense, but not much of her logic WAS making sense after, on the looong trip they had made, they had heard those announcements. As much as Felicia was trying to hold things in a positive light, sadly, they didn't catch her off guard as much as she had hoped. At least it was nobody she knew...

Well, no, that wasn't true.

She knew all of them, there was no denying that, but the girl tried to shut it out the best she could, keep it inside to a certain point so it couldn't break her. In the same breath, though, she knew that until she accepted it, she just wouldn't feel right. Maybe that's why she couldn't sleep... or maybe it really was Aislyn's barking. Who the hell knew. Either way, Felicia managed to get up to her knees, then looked to Melissa. Melissa was over Samaya now, trying to wake her up.

So... ... why isn't she getting up?

Felicia waited with a smirk on her face, getting some slight revelry from the fact there was somebody in this little group of hers that could sleep deeper than herself. The smirk faded a little in irritation when she still didn't give up. Irritation subsequently gave way to discomfort... then discomfort to fear.

"Sam? Sammy, why.... get up!"

She wasn't sure at what point she finally figured out what happened, but the knowledge of what was truly taking place finally hit Felicia. It was a blow to the heart, a blow that punched right past the sternum as though the bone wasn't there. "Sam... Sammy, oh god... you're not, get up! GET UP!" Her head was pounding as she stumbled on all fours to her friend, shaking her shoulders.

She was fine when I went to bed... how long was I out!? I wasn't asleep for that long, the sky's the same... Sammy... Sam, please, you're not dead, there's no way you could have even died!!!

She looked fine, even. No blood, no outright wound or gaping hole... Samaya's shut eyes were just so peaceful-looking the way they were shut. It was like she was sleeping, and now blisfully dreaming of a world in which she didn't have to kill her friends.

She envied her, really, but envy was drowned by the tears that flowed down Felicia's face as she leaned her head against the fallen girl, sobbing.
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