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((Dave Morrison, continued from Time Is Not On Our Side.))

For the first time on his tenure on the island, Dave felt at ease. Izzy and Charlie were good company, when it came down to it. Apparently, this was especially so for walking however the fuck far they'd managed to wander over the last day. Shit, the sun was setting. Had the managed to waste another day? Shit, Dave had so much he wanted to get done. He had so many more emos to harass. More assholes to watch while they chainsawed random fuckers out of nowhere. Actually, yeah. Forget about that shit. Dave was fine with wasting days, now that he thought about it. At least it was keeping them out of trouble.

They settled down in the greens and decided to take a break for a while. Yeah, that was a good plan. Dave's knees were starting to hurt again. He slowly sat down, trying not to make his hastily slapped on gauze fall apart by bending his knees too much. Charlie seemed to be opening her bag. Had she checked her weapon? Dave guessed not. She mustn't have had time in between talking to whoever the hell the Retard Cowboy and Blanderson were.

"Alright, Just so you guys know I got a butcher's knife or some shit," Dave pulled the knife out of his pocket quickly, sliding it back in before he could hurt himself. "So I guess I'm pretty much all we've got unless Izzy wants to rock the trumpet-shiv look again today. I hear it’s totally in this season."

Immediately after that shitty joke, Dave heard a voice from behind and turned his head to face them. He actually kinda recognised the kinda timid sounding brown haired girl he saw looking back at them. That was a change. Her name, however, was going to be a proble. It was, uh, Elaine? Probably not... Helen? Yeah, that was it, Helen. Helen Wilkins or Webster or something like that. Charlie warned her about the fact that, well, they were inclined to kind of be douchebags at times. Eh, it was fair to give her a warning. Dave couldn’t help but think that maybe Charlie could have been a bit too blunt with her.

"Don't worry though," Dave chipped in with a smile. "We don't bite, honest. Well, me and Charlie don't, anyway. Not too sure about Izzy."
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