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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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((Sorry to hold you up guys, been slightly busy this week.))

(Jessica Pentangeli continued from Cold, Wet and Tired)

Why were they back here?

Jessica looked around her. They were surrounded by warped logs, just like they had a few hours previously. No dead bodies, not yet at least. This wasn't the EXACT spot they had stopped by before but it looked pretty similar. Jessica had begun to question Alex leadership abilities. Jessica might have been hypocritical, seeing how they got lost the second she was the leader. Alex told her they'd sit down to rest. Said that they would have breakfast. Yet they did none of that. All walking. Jessie was getting sick of walking. Sick of being sick.

Jessica stopped. Her legs ached. She needed to rest, just for a moment. Alex was still walking. Jessica needed a second just to get her stuff together. Alex might stop for her.

Jessica lowered her rifle as she fought to keep her eyes open. The urge to sleep was unbearable. She had pulled an all-nighter once and she was sick for a week. What the heck was staying up for two days doing to her? Eyes half closed. Had to fight it. Can't... sleep... no, have to stay... no... ahh... have... to...


Jessica snapped her head up. She mumbled. "W-Wha? I-I... not sleeping Alex..."

Alex had her back turned away. Like always. Jessica shook her head. Why did she feel like Alex didn't care whether Jessica was there or not? Wasn't Alex always going on about Jessica opening up? She grumbled and stumbled after her friend, eyes half closed. Soon enough Alex stopped. Jessica blinked. She had to tilt her head to see what she was looking at. Two boys were ahead of her, though they were too far away for her to reliably recognize.

Jessica froze as Alex reached down. Wait, what was she doing? She was throwing something. Rocks? Jessica slumped, rifle back up under her arms. What the hell was she doing? Alex was going to get them killed! Her eyes were wide open now, lifting her rifle up and out. Had to stop her. They could have guns. Flamethrowers. Knives!

"Alex," Jessica muttered quickly, "Alex, don't do that. That's -"

Too late. Alex didn't hear her, and went through with her move. Jessica sighed.

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