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((Remy Kim continued from Ishida Hunting))

Wandering. Wandering. Wandering.

That's all they had been doing since the first announcement.

They had managed to fall asleep nearby the mines just before that dreadful first announcement. Sure, the rickety buildings weren't very stable, but it was shelter none the less. The next morning, however, was the unbearable part. When he heard it, he cried like a baby. Reika... was gone, and Reiko had become a murderer twice over. He was too late, and he couldn't find or save either of them.

And now they were pretty much gone...

The announcement still rang in his ears even now.

"Fifth wasted was, uh... hold on, let me make sure I get this one right. Reika Ishida, you heard that kids? Reika, the one nobody really cared about. She made the mistake of startling Kris Hartmann, who took her out like a pro. Moving right along, the next of our femme fatales..."

But... he cared about Reika. Reika just wasn't some statistic. She was a person. His friend. Heck, maybe she was something more to him. And now this Kris person had simply shot her. But why? Reika was most likely minding her own business... it wasn't fair...

He knew Josée wouldn't take his crying well. Of course, what was he supposed to do? Kris fucking killed Reika, and Reiko was apparently running around killing people! Not to mention Sarah was out there, and god knows what was happening to her right at this moment (fortunately, unlike the twins, her name hadn't been mentioned yet. Yet).

But, Remy knew what he had to do. It sounded repulsive when it first popped into his head, but after a while, he couldn't resist the urge. He didn't tell Josée or Katelyn just yet, but the thought had repeatedly shown up in his mind since the announcement. Remy had a switchblade, and he was fairly strong. He could just sneak up on Kris and...

It was a dreadful thought, but it was what he honestly wanted to do right now, aside from finding Sarah and maybe even Reiko. The thing is, though, he didn't even know who Kris was. Maybe Josée knew, since she was a little more versed in the social scene, as far as he could tell. The only things he knew about this Kris was one, "he" had a gun, and two, "he" had also killed Amber Whimsy, who was infamous around the school. That was the only information Remy had, and frankly, it wasn't very good.

The rest of the second day had passed by calmly for them. Most of the time they just wandered the island, without any real aim. They didn't even see anyone. But, soon night fell, and they were in the woods once again. Since shelter didn't seem to be in store like the previous evening, they soon took shifts keeping watch while the other two slept.

Remy was woken up the next morning by the second announcement.

"Do you kids know what makes Uncle Danya happy? Things like... fine cigars, roast dinners, quiet nights in with Mrs. Danya... those things make Uncle Danya happy. But what also makes Uncle Danya happy is when his beloved students are game for the competition."

He rubbed his eyes, placing himself in the sitting position. Yeah, nice to know that, asshole, he fumed to himself in his head. And so, he blathered on about who was dead and alive. Reiko had killed again. Raina Morales and Tobias Elwin, those were the names of her victims. No information about Kris, though. A few other names he recognized. Trevor Duncan, he was a guy in his drama class. He and Remy had always been on good terms whenever they talked. Damn, him too?

And that's when Remy started to tremble.

It wasn't just Reika. Everyone he talked to at school was dying, and for pointless reasons. But, Remy knew he must one day kill. And not just Kris, either. There were a lot of people playing, it seemed. But he wasn't like them. But, why Trevor? And why Reika? Reiko had become a player as well...

His eyes started to water again, but he wiped them away. Remy really had no clue where Josée was, but he was aware that she wouldn't be happy with his crying. Besides, he made his choice, so he shouldn't be crying. He knew that if he ever saw Kris, he would stab "him" as many times as possible. It was the right thing to do, to be honest. Reika would be able to rest in peace, and wherever she was, she would be happy to find out her murderer received justice, right? Maybe he could go after this Hearst guy too, if he ever came across him.

But still. He didn't want to be here. He didn't want to die...

Remy stared at the ground.

He didn't want to actually kill someone either, now that he thought of it.

How would Mom think if he actually did kill someone?

And suddenly, killing Kris didn't seem so appealing. But, the thought of trying to get vengeance remained, just smaller.

He looked around him. Where was the other two? Katelyn and Josée were most likely nearby, that was to be certain. How was Josée holding up, anyways? He always had trouble trying to peek into that woman's mind. Yes, they were twins. No, that didn't mean he could read it. To him, Josée may as well be an alien creature from planet Mars, or possibly further out in the universe. Remy still wondered if she was concerned about that OC guy of hers. Would she act the same way as he was if OC got killed? Did she care about him? Did she care about the Ishidas at all?

And Katelyn. She probably had friends out here, too.

Remy sighed. Oh god. How many people were going to die here? Only one was supposed to survive, apparently.

"Hey guys?" he asked quietly, hoping at least one of the two girls were nearby.

They had to be nearby. They just simply had to.

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