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Lucas was walking the greens, investigating the surroundings. It was unnatural, which made him feel odd. Not a bit like the wide wilderness of the rest of the island, where he'd been fairly at home. This was a golf course. A big old reminder of man's attempted mastery over the wilderness. The only reason Lucas was going to stick it out here was the visibility. A golf course was not a place where one could hide easily. He could see most anywhere, and, given his SMG, that would be to his advantage. No ambushes. No surprise knives in the back.

He was near a bunker he'd been inspecting when he turned, scanning the area, and caught a glimpse of movement. Someone was nearby. He couldn't make out who, couldn't begin to guess at their motives. That wasn't good. He readied his gun. Best to be safe. Wouldn't do to shoot up someone harmless, but... better safe than dead. Certainly.

"Hello?" he called in the general direction in which he thought he'd seen movement. There were some nice hills in the course, especially around this area, so he couldn't quite be sure. It would be a better move, he realized, to get on top of one, set up there. Then his line of sight would be nearly perfect. That, however, would have to come after he'd handled the current situation.

"Who's there? It's Lucas Lupradio. I'm not planning on shooting anybody who's not gonna do the same to me."

Except Reiko Ishida. And Kris Hartmann. And Alex Rasputin. And Nick Reid. And Clio Gabriella. And Maxwell Lombardi. Still, no reason to got warning them if it was one of the multiple-killers sneaking up, right?
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