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"Are you alright?"

Kevin quickly sat up when he heard the voice, picking up his shovel as he did. He was about to start swinging when he saw the girl's empty hands. Against his better judgement, he stopped the attack before it began. He just hoped that he made the right call there.

As his teary eyes cleared and adjusted to the darkness, he barely managed to recognize the girl that stood over him. What was the girl's name again? It... was... Mira? Well, that's what he thought her name was. He lowered the shovel and wiped his eyes with his free hand. His battered face was aching from the rough treatment he was giving it.

"Y- yeah, I'm fine." He said briefly, composing himself as he did. "Just... napping. No problems there." The awkwardness of the situation was not lost on him.

"Thanks for the concern. But can you just continue on your way? I really don't want to get into a fight." Kevin just had that feeling. The feeling of standing beside somebody that could beat the snot out of him. That sense had never been wrong in that respect before, as he found out to his detriment. It wasn't just that. With him on the floor and armed with a weapon too long to use effectively at that close range, she could make sure that he never stood up again.

He didn't waste time in admitting it to himself. Kevin was scared of Mira right now. He just had to accept that fact and work from there. "So, if you'll be so kind as to-" He managed to spot the second figure in the moonlight and tightened his grip on his shovel. As he prepared to get up and fight, the girl approaching them started speaking.

"Mizore Soryu here. Not trying to kill you. Just want to get some rest. Weapons are in that bag. Caltrops and food. Nothing on me. Can search me if you want. I'm on my way to the groundskeeper's hut to get some paint. Anyone know where I can find paint around here?"

His eyebrows raised. Kevin didn't get the feeling that Mizore meant any harm, although it was kind of weird how she showed up for such a trivial item. He looked up at Mira, then back at the new arrival. What was going to happen now?
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