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Charles had been aware that not everyone would be fond of his plan, that was part of the reason why he had waited until he met someone he knew before saying it, but having someone like that overhear him telling someone else about it for the first time was so... inconvenient.

"Listen, we can talk about this," He said calmly, "we aren't forcing anybody into it. We'll ask people if they want to join and if they don't...." It didn't look like she was liking this, he'd have to find a way to get him and Maddy out of there.

"Okay, calm down. Do you want some water? You should drink some water, here." Charles kneeled down slowly to open his pack taking out a bottle of water and rolled it towards Clio.

He leaned over to Maddy and whispered, "We need to get out of here. We run on the count of three, alright? One... Two... THREE!" Grabbing only his SotF-assigned bag, he ran.

((Charles Richard Dawson continued in Fight or Flight))
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